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Trump also knew they were trying to help him win. Isn’t that Treason? Even if it isn’t there’s violating the Constitution, breaking nepotism laws, frequent conflicts of interest & accepting emoluments. And he’s still in office. What would he have to do, shoot someone? Or is he above that too? But then Mitch McConnell and Jason Chaffetz have both refused to investigate them. Chaffetz is back on Clinton’s emails. In all fairness, if they continue to go after her on the emails, shouldn’t someone look into George W. Bush? He “lost” 22 MILLION emails on a private server in the White House, set up by the RNC. In case you forgot because very little was said on this matter, he was subpoenaed and simply ignored it. Would love to see a Democrat get away with the same crap Repugs. get by with lately.

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