Not all people deserve to be treated good.

I’m not in the place to judge whether this is right or wrong, bad or good, but let me tell you a story on how i choose to distance my self from specific ones.

This actually happened early last year. Not that early, actually. I begun to realize that not all people treat me right. I begun to realize that not all people deserve the same amount of care, the same amount of kindness, and not all people deserve forgiveness. Well, whatever judgement you call me, i’m sticking to my point. Not all people deserve to be treated good.

Perhaps, you ask me why. Perhaps, you wonder what’s actually going on. And perhaps, you call me stupid.

I happen to befriend with many people; not to boast. I happen to accept diversity, especially accepting that not all people have the same perspectives nor principes as i have. I happen to accept it all, but i do believe everyone has their own limit on accepting.

When you‘re talking about diversity, you’re talking about accepting. But as time goes on, do we need to accept those people who, in the reverse, aren’t accepting? Do we need to be good to those who act bad? Do we need to be kind to those who bring violent? My answer is, you do not.

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.” Will Smith once said that. He got his point. I do respect his point. But not all circumstances should apply this.

For instance, you treated others good. And one of them treated you bad. And you forgive them. And you keep on forgiving them. But do you always have to forgive those who keep doing the same lame mistakes? My answer is, you do not.

I ain’t applying on whether we should treat people badly. But, not all people deserve to be treated well. My point is, even if you forgive them many many times, will you — for God’s sake — ensure that they’ll turn into a good one? No.

You know what, Jim Morrison has been, until now, right. People are strange.