Overcoming self-love

The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore

Truth to be told i was once struggling to find my own self-confidence, my own self love. I keep seeking for the real definition of beauty, let alone try to redefine my own perspective on beauty. I was blinded by the thoughts of society, seeking affirmation from somebody else, trying to be loved and fulfill my emptiness with temporary fixes when the truth is, i didn’t even love my self.

After years and years struggling upon the stereotype of beauty and being the object of bully, i could sum things up. I am not what society defines me. I sure am not. I don’t have to be thin to be beautiful, i don’t have to be size 2–6 to be pretty, i don’t have to fit in the culture of thin girls are the prettiest just to fit my self in. More over, i don’t have to be hateful whenever i look upon myself on the mirror.

I am not what society defines me.

To all those girls who try to be bulimic, those who feel insecure, those who cry in front of the mirror by just looking upon themselves, those who live with cellulites, fats, and whatever judgement people put on you, you are not what they define you.

And to those who label someone by their physical appearances, especially by their body size, nothing else comes within except these three words: Shame on you. I hope God cherish your life as much as you cherish others.

Beautiful is a term on which eyes couldn’t envision.
It comes from within.