Maybe you’ve already come across the word fluidity in the last year. Reading different articles and other media with information about Generation Z, that is exactly the word that seems to dominate in the discussion. Fluidity is used not only in combination with gender but also economics, culture, education, and politics (Irregular Labs, n.d.a).

(Irregular Labs, n.d.-b)

The meaning of the word fluidity is the quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change (“fluidity — Dictionary Definition,” n.d.). When it comes to Gen Z then they are defined by technology, cultural aggregation, fluidity and contradiction (WGSN, n.d.). …

How evolving technology is changing our possibilities and needs

In 1967 there was a short film produced exploring what the home of the future might look like. In this short video they talk about how we will shop, pay the bills or how we will eat for instance. With the example of food, it is stored frozen and then the portions are made according to the person’s nutritional needs and heated (“The 1960s Idea of ‘The Home of 1999’ | Flashback | History,” 2018). The present really does look similar as we have pre-made foods available at the grocery stores, we can shop and pay bills online and online…

(Kadow, 2019)

At the current moment when it comes to working out and moving your body, there’s already a wide variety of options. One can go to a designated place for that, stay at home, be outside. There’s an option to work out alone, together with someone or with a whole community of people. Until now, we have always worked out how a human being has thought of it and created. What if in the future we will work out to routines created by AI (artificial intelligence) instead of humans?

AI Aerobics

SPACE10, a research and design lab in Copenhagen, has recently teamed up…

(Rosati, n.d.)

Political activism can be done in different ways. By conducting a simple search about activism on Google through different dictionaries one can come across a definition like this: The policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change (“activism | Definition of activism in English by Oxford Dictionaries,” n.d.). The most common image of activism is a public protest, such as a rally, march, or public meeting (Martin, n.d.). There are other types of activism, such as religious excommunication, disobeying social customs, protest emigration, rent strike, nonviolent occupations, guerrilla theater, fasting, and setting up alternative…

(Moley Robotics, 2019)

The future of food is a hot topic for years already and people are progressively talking about the possibility of eventually having shortage of food (Prindle, 2017). Food supply chains are increasingly associated with environmental and socio-economic impacts (“In quest of reducing the environmental impacts of food production and consumption,” 2017). An increasing global population, an evolution in consumers’ needs, and changes in consumption models pose serious challenges to the overall sustainability of food production and consumption (“In quest of reducing the environmental impacts of food production and consumption,” 2017). Scientists and researchers are already looking into this problem and…

According to the website there’s very little chance of fitness instructors/coaches being replaced by robots or AI (“Will ‘Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors’ Be Replaced By Robots?,” n.d.). However there’s a pretty high possibility of other types of automation within the next 2 decades (“Will ‘Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors’ Be Replaced By Robots?,” n.d.). In fact in some ways we can already see it happening today.

(Workouts | MIRROR, n.d.)

Not just a mirror

Mirror, a New York based startup, has created an interactive mirror for working out (Hanbury, 2018). …


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