How an Athlete Used NAD+ and Biohacking to Take Their Game to The Next Level

Austin Martz is an American soccer player who currently plays for Saint Louis FC in the USL.

Mastering a sport doesn’t just stem from physical practice and skills. Many sports experts and coaches argue that going pro in any sport requires a high degree of mental resilience and mental focus.

For an athlete to succeed and gain a competitive advantage, they need to improve not only their physical skills, but their focus, concentration, and brain power. Hours of training is challenging both physically and mentally. And many athletes fail to live up to their full potential due to a lack of mental focus.

This is why many athletes like Austin Martz, a soccer player in the United Soccer League, are turning to scientifically proven supplements, NAD+ and Nadovim. Like the muscles in the body, the brain too needs replenishment of essential compounds and nutrients. And unfortunately, it is frequently neglected in this regard.

How Do NAD+ and Nadovim Improve Focus?

2 capsules of Nadovim contain 200 milligrams of NAD+. NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a powerful coenzyme involved in the production of cellular energy (ATP) and DNA repair. These are particularly important functions in the brain when it comes to focus and concentration. Indeed, research indicates that a lack of focus may be linked to a depletion of NAD+. And without NAD+, cell deterioration and cell death in the brain may occur at an accelerated rate.

A 2007 review outlined recent studies demonstrating the impact of NAD+ on the brain. Most notably, it was found that NAD+ decreased ischemic brain injury. Researchers inferred that NAD+ played a critical role in brain functions, brain deterioration, and brain diseases (1).

When it comes to cognitive performance, other studies also showed a positive association with higher NAD+ levels. In a 2004 study, subjects that consumed NAD+ at 10 milligrams a day for 6 months had higher scores on cognitive tests when compared to subjects that consumed a placebo for the same duration (2).

Professional athletes today require high levels of cognitive demand and research shows athletic improvement when they’re totally and consistently focused on their sport during a practice session or a competition.

Other scientific-based articles indicate that NAD+ is further involved in mitochondrial function, but not limited to only energy production. It was found that this coenzyme also aids in calcium homeostasis, aging, and cell death (3).

And Navodim includes not only a sufficient amount of NAD+ to boost concentration and brain power, but also many other ingredients that create a synergy providing the brain with an optimal environment to function. Yet, NAD+ is one of the key ingredients that make this supplement as powerful as it is. In the following section, athlete, Austin Martz, elaborates on NAD+, Nadovim, and their impact on his soccer performance and focus.

More athletes and experts are turning to advanced supplementation and key ingredients like NAD+ to give themselves a competitive advantage.

Austin Martz’s Report on Nadovim

Austin has been taking Nadovim every day, along with other supplements, including beta alanine, creatine, amino acids, and exogenous ketones. “I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability to focus. I’m somebody that can get work done easily but often want to move on to the next thing on my schedule if I feel bored or that I’ve done an adequate job. Recently, while upping the dose to 300mg of Nadovim, I haven’t wanted to move,” Austin states.

Austin claims he’s already finished 40% of a course he is currently taking on nutrition, while he only began it a few weeks prior. He also reports that his focus during practice has also significantly improved. He adds, “I’ve been able to cruise through sprint sessions and high intensity workouts.”

Yet, Austin’s report on Nadovim isn’t without a high-level regime and recovery routine. He shared a rundown of his typical week, starting with Sunday. He describes a standard Sunday; “If I played 90 minutes in my game or more than 75%, I will rest. I’ll take an Epsom salt bath with essential oils, foam roll/lacrosse ball, and maybe even go to the YMCA to sit in the sauna and stretch. If I don’t play, I’ll go for a long run (45–60 minutes at a 7-minute mile pace) and then do some hill sprints to deplete glycogen storage. I’ll eat a ketogenic diet, but with higher protein so usually the macros would be (55% Fat, 40% Protein, 5% Carbohydrate).”

“I have loved this product. Been taking it every day and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability to focus.” Austin Martz on Nadovim.

Monday and Tuesday involve just as much of an in-depth exercise and nutrition routine. Mondays frequently include carb cycling, training, an ice bath, and a body flush. Tuesdays consist of strength training using the lifting-to-failure method in combination with a recovery routine incorporating a hot bath, and a float tank session or yoga.

Regarding Wednesdays, Austin states, “Sometimes we have (it) off, sometimes we train. Either way, it’s a light day, so if my muscles recovered well from Monday and Tuesday, I’ll swim at the YMCA for 30 minutes and/or light bike flush. Sometimes I’ll deadlift or do some heavier lifting to get more strength training in.”

Thursday and Friday often consist of light training, followed by game day on Saturday.

And in addition to these training and diet regimes, Austin also sticks to a consistent sleep schedule, has a set morning routine including mental preparation tactics, and he also generally sticks to a ketogenic diet, only exceeding 25 grams of carbs on his high-intensity training day.

In regards to how Nadovim has impacted his routine and training, Austin says, “I’ve only noticed improvements.”

It’s evident that it takes a combination of commitment, dedication, and self-discipline to achieve success in a given sports field. The Ohio Center for Sport Psychology even include self-motivation, positive mental imagery, and the ability to maintain concentration in their list of the top nine mental skills of successful athletes (4).

Yet, Nadovim and NAD+ are beneficial additions that can take one’s athletic performance and focus to the next level. Sports aren’t only a physical game, but also a mental one.

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A breakthrough in brain health and optimization. Nadovim is the first NAD+ based, physician-formulated nutraceutical for focus, memory and concentration.

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A breakthrough in brain health and optimization. Nadovim is the first NAD+ based, physician-formulated nutraceutical for focus, memory and concentration.

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