The Importance of Professionalism

Professionalism can often go a long way. People tend to underestimate it, thinking it’s kind of an afterthought and it’s not that important. What happens when there’s a huge shakeup within a company or you receive poor PR? It’s times like this where maintaining professionalism can be best for a company. By practicing reliability and steadiness during hard times, you can do some damage control depending on the incident.

Take Sony for example. On November 24th, Sony suffered from a hack of intercepted emails. The United States believed North Korea was behind the hack. North Korea found out that the film depicts an assassination attack on their leader Kim Jong-un and hackers (believed to be from North Korea) threatened acts of terrorism if the movie were to be released. Sony decided to cancel the release of the film, although as of today it is now being shown on a somewhat abbreviated schedule. It’s times like this where Sony needs to maintain its professionalism. If not, things could spiral out of control and a household name like Sony could take hurt its reputation. In a time of rough PR, Sony maintained its professionalism and their leaders are thankful.

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton and Chairman, Amy Pascal, have thanked their employees for keeping their professionalism during this tough time. Although they masked their statement somewhat by paying attention to another project Sony has been working on, they are greatly appreciative of the companies efforts. Their statement to the company was as follows:

“We are happy to share some good news with all of you: Annie had a strong opening and grossed an estimated $16.3M at the box office this weekend. With the holiday season ahead of us, our remake of this classic is off to a great start and on-track to play well for weeks to come.”

We want to thank everyone at Sony Pictures for working hard to make this opening a success and for your professionalism during this extremely difficult time. We couldn’t be more grateful.

It brings us great pride to be part of this company and see your strength and dedication.”

Amy and Michael put their own PR spin on their PR statement but it was the right move. All in all, everyone throughout the company has maintained a high level of professionalism during this delicate time in the public eye.