Interesting Attributes Of My Teammates and LFA

In all aspects of our life, teamwork plays a vital role. Whether we’re on a field or in the boardroom, we engage with and depend on others to accomplish virtually every task. Today I would like to point out some of the attributes I have picked from my teammates

Let me start with my LFA (Peter Walugembe) is a very supportive person ready to help and never holding back in giving feedback whether positive or negative. Keeping members active and reminding them of important tasks deadline is a great attribute I have picked from him.

Now my peers in the team

Let me talk about Frank Atukunda, a teammate that I have connected with, in the last few days. I met Atukunda at innovation center Makerere, I had no idea we were in the same boot camp until Derrick told me about him. Frank pushes me to aim higher and beat the deadline. He is a simple man, easy to approach and willing to learn anything new he takes interest in. He checks on me every time to see whether I have submitted my output. He can make a great leader.

Next is Armstrong Muhwezi, aka soultech, he is a team player, very active on slack. He is really amazing in all aspects of the word. Very easy to approach, gives clear feedback and loves to share content. He is one guy who is never selfish to share any content with the group that he thinks can benefit them.

The next teammate is Victor Nomwesigwa, very persistent about finding solutions to her impediment. She doesn’t shy off in approaching you to seek for a solution to her impediment.

Lastly, I would like to talk about Omarwoth Jonathan, Frank Okiror and Ampeire Phemia. Omarwoth Jonathan, he adds humor to the situation, he is not just funny but also a team player. Frank Okiror a very calm person but passionate about learning new things. Ampeire Phemia a teacher of math and physic, she loves to teach others what she knows, she is not afraid to seek for help.

I would not ask for a better team that is always available to get me out of a tight situation, encourage as well as push me to become a better person.