In an Old House (1)

The Unbeliever

As long as my life, I trust the words of no one. Because I know, that human beings are used to lie. So, in that evening, I still came to the old-empty-house to take my ball back. I ignored a warning from a little boy whom I met in the front of the gate.

Don’t enter that house!” He yelled.

“There’s a psychopathic murderer hiding in that house!” He sounded scream with a whispered voice

I just nodded and smiled, then I walked pass by him. He smiled too.

Then, here I’m, find the ball of mine covered with red-rancid-liquid called blood. And there’s an old guy, standing near the ball. He holds a knife and smirks at me.

“I got another meat for dinner”


The Phantom

I smiled to him as he showed his underestimating smile when I warned him.

I know, he wouldn’t believe me when I said “There’s a psychopathic murderer hiding in that house!”

But, that’s the reason why I told him so.

Now, my brother will have another delicious dinner after me.

And we get more trapped-company.

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