In an Old House (2)

The Murderer

There’s a ball come to my yard. I feel so excited that I know someone will be here soon. I play the ball with my little brother corpse. He seems like that ball too.

It doesn’t take a long time until I hear the sound of an opened gate.

I see a teenager boy coming.

“I got another meat for dinner” I welcome him, and I can’t bear not to show my delicate smile.

He looks surprised for a second, then sigh.

“So, that little boy told the truth, he must not be a human being” He mumbles at himself. But, I don’t care.

I sway my knife; try to stab his delicious heart.

But at a glance, I see his head turns into serrated ugly mouth and everything becomes black. My head is cut off my body. Then, it chews and swallows my head.

“See? You lied. It’s me, who got another meat for dinner”


The Commoner

My son always hides behind my back every time we pass that old-antique-house. I guess, he is afraid of it.

In one evening, he even whimpers to me to take another way but the way near that house. He struggles a lot when I convince him that it’ll be fine.

“No! mom! There’s a murderer! a ghost! and an alien in that place!” He screams loudly. “I want another way!!”

Finally, I can’t do anything, but follow his imagination.

Doctor said, following his imagination is a good therapy for his schizophrenia.

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