You Are The Only One Who Drives

This is just another of way too many cliché writings that you wish you stopped bumping into. At the very initial of this writing, I will make it clear. My job here is not trying to convince you. It is you who drives anyway.

Has it occurred to you that most people are incapable of deciding who they want to be? In lieu of seizing for what they always want, what they truly are, they live in someone else’s life. For instance, they whose current occupation is the fulfillment of an unachieved dream job their parent has been dreaming of. They, who decide to go to the same educational institution as their now-high-flyer siblings graduated from. Or maybe, you are planning to be one of them?

It’s rare to see people who know profoundly what they really want, have the guts to voice and state clearly what they are about to pursue. Throughout life, we have been driven by the mortals surround us. But if you comprehend what your passion is and hold firmly to what you want to do for the rest of your life, then you have accomplished the most crucial step in your life for giving yourself credit. Meanwhile, there are a million people out there still traipsing through their tedious jobs.

The truth is, their job is not supposed to be that uninteresting, given the amount of salary they earn every end of the month. But still, it turns out to be the entire dull month since their job is quite the contrary of what they desire. Here they are, dealing with intense regret for letting others navigate their entire career.

Don’t let people dictate what you should be and should do.

If they disapprove your decision, just simply pay them no mind. No matter what, you should never let go of your passion and natural talents. You can have a penchant for political issues or sea creatures. You can become a journalist, a gynecologist, a librarian, an activist, an interior designer, a meteorologist, a CIA analyst, and the list goes on. It is you, who is in charge of defining who you truly are.

However, life is all about self-determination. You have rights to set your own primary aim. What distinguishes one’s aim is whether the aim comes from within or demanded persistently from our surroundings. We all agree the former is distinctive, yet quite tough to achieve.

People lose track. Oftentimes, we encounter a wide range variety of problems and have no idea how to get them tackled, especially when we stand on our own feet. All of us experience the upheaval in life. Consequently, our faith will subside, the enthusiasm becomes loose and all we have is zero interest to seize our ‘main dream’ as we gradually being oppressed by the thought that no one bolstered us. Eventually, we give in to despair.

In order to become what we genuinely expect to be, it requires more than a little courage and resilience. People may fail to appreciate our work and undervalue our decision. The statement is not entirely true. Perhaps, it’s the overthinking that gets in the way of pursuing our dream. Let’s shall not forget that the contentment within is the only thing that matters and the hesitation will evaporate in time.

All I can say is just hang in there.

It will come a time when you finally reach the top of the mountain, you can’t express gratitude to no one but yourself for willing to endure any of the hardships.

You may reflect to stop continuing the journey caused by a lack of support from friends who used to be there. This is exactly when you must look back to see how far you have come. The state of confusion and despondency that you’re currently facing, it will pass over the long haul. You may believe it or not, but it is merely one of those phases that many of us had been through.