13 / 07 / 2017

In 3 years, the question that begs to be answered in the now is if we’re happy with how we ended up. We were so young in hindsight, fresh-faced, doe-eyed. Been through parts of hell, never expected to plunge deeper into it in our 3 years here.

Yet here we are, by the bayside, listening to the sounds of the water lapping up concrete walls, steady breaths in comfortable silence.

You, the fresh-faced, naïve boy I knew, speaking of body inkings and travelling and quiet confessions of love for people you shouldn’t.

I, the incredibly kind and patient and understanding- no more.

The past three years have taken toll, mere shadows of our former selves. And yet we sit, still able to talk, still here. Kindered souls.

I will be ever grateful for your friendship.

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