Why every Digital Marketer should be tracking microfeedback

In-site user surveys kind of suck.

You know those annoying little things that pop up on the bottom of your screen (or worse, covering your screen) asking you to give some feedback? When’s the last time you actually responded to one of those?

So many companies spend so much money setting up user surveys and user polls in every nook and cranny of their funnel. You know who actually answers those things?

The 2.5% of users who hate you, and the 2.5% of users who love you.

The 95% sitting in the middle just wants to use the damn app without being bothered to give you feedback about their experience. Who wants to take time out of their busy schedule to tell you why your ‘add to cart’ feature is absolutely broken.

Enter microfeedback.

Ever see those things in restaurants asking you how your service was and offering you smiley faces to click? I’ll bet you’ve clicked them — many times. That’s microfeedback.

At Uselio, our users typically see an increase of over 65% in feedback conversion. Not only that, the feedback they get comes in the form of hard data and NPS scores — metrics you can actually make decisions with.

Stop collecting bogus soft data, and get to the hard stuff. Get microfeedback.