When starting, new bloggers are bombarded with advice to what they should and shouldn’t do to be “successful” fast.

Resuming my own blogging journey, I’ve come to make some stark changes to my process this time, which include discarding some of the seemingly most sacred of blogging rules.

With the belief (and mischievous hope) to cause slight provocation, I will thus share the blogging rules I religiously break when blogging.

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1. Nonexistent email lists

Let rip the first and perhaps most painful band-aid off: I don’t have an email list.

As of now.

Along with SEO, email lists are perhaps the most pressed upon point the blogging community advises newcomers to get started on. …

If you have or are thinking about starting a blog with the goal to make some money, you’ve probably heard that you need to “treat your blog like a business”. If you hadn’t yet, now you have. It’s all good advice, but how do you do that?

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What it means to treat your blog like a business

Treating your blog like a business simply means that you don’t view it as a hobby, but more like a real job. It’s more a question of mindset than anything else because we know we don’t have the same commitments to our hobbies as we do our jobs.

Treating your blog as a business is when you are as serious with it as you are with your real job. You have a set time when you do and do not work, and you have deadlines to follow no matter what. …

With the growing popularity in self-starting and going at it by yourself, the word entrepreneur is thrown around quite liberally. Everyone with an idea can, and do, call themselves an entrepreneur.

Is it really that simple though? Is the requirement of entrepreneurship having an idea of what might be? As a person with such an idea myself, I got curious. Do I qualify to bear the title of an entrepreneur?

This is what I found on how to know if you’re an entrepreneur.

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How to know if you’re an entrepreneur

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur nowadays. It’s the new trend. Maybe it’s because of the growing popularity in self-starting and unconventional jobs. Maybe it’s because of the difficulties young adults face in the job market. …

On starting small, breaking things down, planning, and fighting procrastination

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Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

One thing novice and seasoned bloggers alike are struggling with is time management, productivity, and staying consistent.

That’s a major hurdle to success, as you need to regularly put out quality content to build a strong audience and a name for yourself. Some have been blogging on and off for years without ever managing to create and sustain a blogging habit. Luckily, if you fit this description, you’re not doomed. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just need some tools and guidance.

I’m still struggling with this myself, but I want to solve this problem. So I started looking deeper into this issue. Here are some of the tips and resources I found on how to be more productive and blog consistently. …

Are you thinking of becoming a professional blogger? Many peoples wish is to be able to work from home, set their own hours and be their own boss. It’s sound lovely. However, it takes a lot to achieve something like that, and truth be told, that way of working isn’t for everyone. Therefore, I thought I share the answer I’ve found to the question Is professional blogging right for you?

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What you need to be a professional blogger

Can anyone become a professional blogger? In theory, yes. Anyone can start a blog and eventually become a professional blogger. In reality? No, not at all. …

I’ve written about why you shouldn’t go to college, and what to think about when you’re deciding whether or not you should go in the first place. So, to finish the series and make it into a trilogy, I found it fitting to share the top 7 reasons why I think you should go to college.

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7 reasons why you should go to college

College and university are a given for many. It’s societally approved and often expected of us to continue our education, get a degree to then land a high paying, high-status job. …

Inevitable barriers you’ll hit four months into your blogging journey

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Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

About four months ago, in late January, I decided I wanted to start my own blog. I’ve always loved writing and wanted to get back to doing it regularly. I’d spent half a year of pondering what I wanted to do in life and concluded that I wanted to create my own brand and business.

Now, four months in, I know what it’s really like to start a blog.

Blogging (hate that word) is fun, about 90% of the time. The other 10 can be challenging, to say the least. It’s easy to get swept away by the romanticizes idea of being famous, self-employed, spending your days sitting on a beach in the Bahamas writing perfect blog posts. …

How to get an education without taking out student loans

May 24, 2019

by Naëmi | College & University | 0 comments

In my last post, I went on a good deal about why you shouldn’t go to college. Among other things, I said that higher education can be expensive. One of my points was that you can easily learn what you need elsewhere, without having to take on massive debt in the process.

However, I’ve repeatedly stated that I think everyone should always keep learning, and for many of us, we don’t know what we need to get the job we want.

Since I’m not for baseless facts or hypocrisy, I figured I’d back that statement with some actual resources and how-tos on how to do just that. …

Are you planning on going to college?
For many, that isn’t a question. Of course, you’re going to college. Why wouldn’t you?
Is college right for you? Here’s what to consider
A bold statement and I thoroughly piss off parents and teachers alike with it, but it isn’t without its reasons. Here’s my top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t go to college.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t go to college

First of all, I want to say that education of any kind, primary, secondary and higher alike, is great, and I don’t discourage anyone from that, per se. However, college, university, whatever, isn’t just the education it provides. Contrary to everything up to and including high school, higher education comes with a lot more than just a degree.
That’s why I wouldn’t recommend further education for everyone. In some instances, it simply isn’t the best option.
1. …

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As a serial procrastinator, I live and die by deadlines. I need them for everything, otherwise, shit won’t get done. For most assignments it’s fine — they have a due date that I have to keep to, and I will. School worked well that way. Everything else in life… doesn’t work the same.
While turning 20 and contemplating whether life was worth it anymore, since I’m old and it’s practically over, I thought about what I’ve wanted to accomplish while still feeling young. I thought if I was to feel like my days were numbered and time’s running out, I might as well get on with what I want to do.
Knowing full well how I work and what’s required to get me to do things, I decided to set 5 goals for myself to accomplish over the coming 12 months before my 21st birthday. …


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