Working from home long term, otherwise known as perma-wfh, is not a familiar phenomenon for most of us. Yet, in today’s world, we face it. I have been working from home for about a month now. A lot of people, including senior leadership at my current workplace, Google, are concerned about and are actively seeking to have better work from home experience and maintain work life balance. Here are some things I found to be useful so far -

  • Set up an ergonomic working environment at home; i.e., have large monitors, proper mouse and keyboard that minimizes RSA and other…

People often identify knowledge of certain tools as skills. Those are skills too. However, I would not identify those skills as core skills of a software engineer. These are side effects, auxiliary skills that you use to manifest your actual skills.

Following skills, in my opinion, are valuable for a software engineer to have:

  • Agility of learning
  • Ability to think about complex problems in abstract and concrete ways
  • Ability to communicate well in different levels to different audience
  • Patience
  • Ability to tolerate stupid people that constantly surrounds us

There is no universal metric of accuracy for articles, be that on Wikipedia or anywhere else. So, when we read articles, we trust it on face value. Yes, everything we read or hear, we believe them on face value.

There are scientific results that can be experimentally reproduced; but most other things, are based on reliability, credibility and trustworthiness. For example, reputable new sources like Reuters, AP, BBC are regarded as reliable sources. They are deemed reliable, because, they have established procedures to verify and document their claims. In contrast, sources like BuzzFeed or Breitbart News are not generally reliable…

In an effort to revamp my websites, I have ventured into looking at current state of the CSS art. I have been picking up Bootstrap by default for more than a while. At some point, I was very impressed by Metro/Modern design language that Microsoft was adopting and thus used Metro UI CSS 2.0 for my homepage. But things changed over time and there are a lot of new tools out there. So, it is time to check what is out there.

Here are the few names that seems to be popular now: Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Pure, Semantic, Skeleton etc…

Generating random numbers is an interesting field in computer science and in computer engineering.

When I first needed and used a random number generator, I was faced with astonishment when the random numbers it generated wasn’t random at all. I vaguely remember the numbers it generated were something like 42, 37, 4, 31, …, and was always so. I was using C++ rand() function for it, and this random number generator always takes the same seed. So, I cooked up a way to generate truly random-ish seed and posted about it later here: Randomizing the C++ Random function. …

Today I was trying to add a comment section in one of my GitHub pages site. Turns out it is very easy. All you have to do is sign up a disqus account and head here.

Then add the following text in _layouts/default.html:

Use the following front material on the page you want the discussion to take place:

layout: default
comments: true
#other options


ইত্যাবসরে নাতিসম্ভ্রান্ত বেদনাভূক
কলকাকলিতে মত্ত কোকিলকূল
বিনতীবিহীন গীতিমাল্যে — আহাজারি
করে আহামরি —

অক্লান্ত কর্মশ্রান্ত বালক
যখন তার যথাসাধ্য —
তথাপি ক্লান্ত করে নিয়তি
শ্রান্ত হয়ে অর্ধমগ্ন এক নিমিষি ॥
যতই আরাধ্য —
ক্ষণিকের ভুল, তার অবসান;
অবসান হয় অবসাদ।

নাতিসম্ভ্রান্ত হরে দেবতার লাজ ।

তথাপি অনুকূল করে প্রতিকূল
কুলাধিপতির তাজ শিরে
বালকের হয় নব অভিযান
কোকিলকূল করে ক্ষণিকে জয়গান ।

ছিদ্রাণ্বেষীর নিষ্পলক চাতক নয়ন
যতই আরাধ্য — ক্ষণিকের জয়গান
অযথাই হয় অবসান ।

নাতিসম্ভ্রান্ত করে চিরাচরিত অভিমান ।

This is essentially a bookmark post. Many awesome people out there create wonderful visualizations, often about sorting; and they are very pleasing to stare at.

  • This famous one is from Timo Bingmann, a doctoral student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology:
  • And obviously, visualgo:

I was trying to fix some issues with iamisti/mdDataTable. It was last updated in Dec 2016, and I was facing problem with even basic use of it. It worked when I made some very little tweaks in the dist JavaScript. So, I forked the repo hoping I can add these fixes. So, there was npm install and trouble ensued.

I was seeing seeing fatal error messages like this:

AppData\Roaming\npm-cache\_git-remotes\git-github-com-bessdsv-bower-installer-git-temp-5f628818' does not appear to be a git repository

Then I found this:

smikes mentioned,

the official stance of the npm project is that cygwin is not supported ...


Khan MNM Sadh

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