Here are a select few books to read in lockdown. They will help you greatly as a busy mum, businesswoman and fearless leader in this surreal time we are living in.

Aside from writing a daily blog to provide even more FREE content to my community covering, business, mindset and spirituality, I also promised myself that I’d read at least 10 new books. Specific books that will help me strengthen my mindset, give me the inspiration and capacity to dream whilst in lockdown and of course, help me our greatly with all the challenges that homeschooling can bring.
If you can relate then these books will help you in these areas too.

As a busy mumpreneur, time for any reading has to scheduled in as part of my daily routine and so far it’s working well. So in between, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, writing and client calls, I thoroughly look forward to my 30 min daily reading time. …

A Money Altar supercharged my morning routine as a busy Mumpreneur. Here’s how I made one and the positive impact it’s had on me and my family.

You’re most likely reading this as you’re keen to learn more about Money Altars or your intrigued about them or maybe you’re looking for a little more spiritual connection?

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to create and attract more positive and abundant energy in your life?

If so, then this post is for you. Keep reading…

I’m writing this post whilst quarantined for almost 4 weeks due to COVID-19. Like, many other people all over the world, I’m staying indoors at home with my husband and 2 kids, protecting our lives and others. …

5K + months don’t just happen by accident. They require a mix of strategy and action.

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Isn’t it time you finally starting checking things of on your dream list, using some of that extra cash that will be flowing your way?

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Nafisa Mark

Business Coach/Founder of Sisterhood Accountability Club. My clients earn more, travel more and escape the 9–5. Ask me how.

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