Every Founder Has Its Own Story (Part 1)

Became a (startup) founder is not easy as you think. Even though, you can create your own story, your own history. You can feel the patience of yours in every step to run your small company. There is many challenges and opportunities ahead. I hope this article can bring the beginner founder to get the insights what will happen when someday they become startup founder.

Always go ahead but always watch your steps too

The process has several stage; the first is idea stage. This stage would happen in first time when people see the idea — or opportunity. For some founders, this is a crucial phase because the company vision and product will be determine. Please consider to be realistic in your company vision.

The next stage is how you execute that idea(s) with tools and resource you have. Start to invite your colleagues to join as a part of your team, and don’t forget to developing your own product. Remember that in this stage usually founder forget to proritize their tasks. You could delegate some of your work to your small team so you can keep focus for the priority list and maintain building your product.

As your startup growing, your optimism and consistency will be tested. You will facing the competitors, your customers, after sales, and wishing to keep the sales growth. So it’s important how you well maintain and have enough knowledges to become your startup company to the long lasting enterprise in the next three, five, or more years.

In the next part I will be telling my entrepreneur journey through this time.

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