What I Actually Wants to Pursue in This Life

It’s not necessary when you have failed in the past — But let’s counts how many you could rise then.

Writing in the morning

Morning is a perfect time that always made me inspire to doing some extraordinary things. Today I’ve been built a simple mindmap that I’m always wondering to build in the past — it realized now.

My own mindmap with couple of reading list topics queue

In the last day my body — actually my mind — does not really working well. It was because I’m very scaried about my future plans. Before I’m visualizing this I’m already had my future plans but it was scattered. I’m trying to realize it now in the mindmap to mapping it clearly what I’m actually wants — and needs. As you can see it, I’m divided my mindmap into three section; academic, career, and reading list.


This section is visualized my academic plans. In August 2016 I will be graduate from Vocational Program of Universitas Indonesia. After that I will take Higher Diploma degree in Business Administration for one-half year, this degree is to supporting my informal business skills into good business knowledge and master degree requirements.

My mother told me to take master degree and she trusted me that I can afford it. I was planned to take master in Strategic Innovation Management in Schengen area country especially in Sweden or Netherland, or also United States.

In my opinion Indonesia higher education is not really bad at all. Why I’m choosen that countries to be my future education is because they have good support through innovation, infrastructure, and copyrights. I wonder I could make higher impact to society from my degree.

Other than that, I have plan to pursue my fast track master degree by 2017 in U.K for pre-master first, but it is affording too much tuition and life costs — I wish I could get scholarship for this by government or business agreement.


What is actually means in that mindmap section about career is divided into three phases; setup, developing, and expanding.

Firstly I want to tell that this mindmap is very dynamics. I don’t want to be a naive person that everything is on the right track. I’m always open for every best possibilities in the near future that can pursue into my final plan and create better working and innovation atmosphere, whether is taking internship or taking job offering position first.

Generally I’d love everything about data, visualization, colors, information, and innovation.

The one that I should be mention is about records management or clerical adminsitrative management opportunities in Indonesia (or Asia). Let’s count how many institution in this country have that don’t know how to making their paper-based data into dynamics digital format with well organized, retention management, and support through storage infrastructure facility. It was very big blue ocean market. These are the business and knowledge foundation that I may need to pursue first before taking the another business category in IoT and renewable energy.

Reading List and Networking

I think reading is the important things in our life because it can widen your knowledges and insights about something even though you don’t have formal education. This refers too about my networking in the future; who people should I meet.

Every extraordinary persons and founders in this planet always read (or written) a bunch of books in their lifetime; Habibie, Soekarno, Hatta, Bill Gates, Mark Z., Warren B. — you mention it.

Why I choosen these book or reading list topics is to supporting my academic and career plans to know-how for building business.

In the end, I wish I could build a good sustainable benefit to social responsibility and global society and for my afterlife.

This is just my lifetime plans that I’m just going trying to achieve and share it to the people — who knows someone will need it then. And I hope it can notice me in the future when I’m forget.

If the plans not going well working as it mentioned, I trust that my God have better plans for me.

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