I woke up early and went to my classes. I did some homework or whatever; I can’t really remember.

At some point, we all went to the gym together. We all had a climbing competition, where Austin went and got 5–3, James went and got 5–2, Max went and got 6–1, and finally I went and got to the top. I met Nathan and Derek there. To be fair, I climbed before and went last seeing exactly where to hold/go. We had a $5 bet each for who could get the highest, so I won $10. Afterwards, we went to do a quick bicep workout. Afterwards, we all went to get some food together. BY THE WAY… THEIR FOOD IS CRAZY GOOD. PASTA LINES, STIR FRY LINES, INTERNATIONAL FOOD, 24/7 OPEN, FRESH FOOD. Insane.

We went back to the dorm. Austin left to go home. Max went to class. I did some homework. Afterward, Max came back, and we got ready for the Rho Nu social event.

At the Rho Nu social event, we all played some games together. We played an icebreaker (atom), a few team games (banana pass with feet, pictionary telephone, what’s the meme), and an individual game for prizes (trivia on Kahoot). I lost the banana game, so I had to get redemption. First, I cheated in pictionary telephone by getting the word and whispering it to the person in front. Next, we cheated in what’s the meme by flipping over a bunch of cards and picking the best. Lastly, Max and I both made an account on the Kahoot, and I searched for answers while he picked the right answers. First place gets a Rho Nu shirt and mask, second place gets a $20 Amazon gift card, and third place gets a cool nursing keychain. Max and I got carried away and got first place instead of chasing the gift card. But, both are worth money, except one has sentimental value and good quality. So yay!

Afterwards, a few of us (Derek, Nathan, Rohan, Max, James, and I) went bowling at the alley for $1 games since they won a football game. We made teams and bets (loser pays). Max, Rohan, and I versus James, Nathan, and Derek. We played a practice round where we all trolled, then our team won (I got like 96), then our team won again (I got like 141, Max got 164), then we switched teams and played all or nothing. James, Derek, and I were winning, but last round Max clutched up and Max, Rohan, and Nathan won it all (I got like 116 and Max got like 132). I ended up paying back $10.50, losing all the money I gained that morning and $0.50 personal.

Afterwards, I think we went to get some food and afterwards back home to the dorms.

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Naf Uyoah

hi! I’m just a teenager who wants to document his daily life so he can reflect upon it in years to come… feel free to read (doubt it’s interesting) lol