In the era of 2022, We people are keen on the internet, scrolling up and down on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. To get access to something fishy, we are losing our personal data to someone who makes money with that. So, here comes the role of Cyber Security.

Securing files and data from theft is known as Cyber Security. It plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. The knowledge of Cyber Security is mandatory for every human. Here are some norms and measures to be followed to safeguard the details from ransomware attackers.

  • Use the gadgets as a boon, not as a curse.
  • Think before you tap.
  • Save the credentials in your mind, not in your system.
  • Change passwords frequently.
  • Connect only with what is required or essential.

Use the gadgets as a boon, not as a curse

Gadgets are made to make your life easy, not pity. So, use it wisely. Don’t hang your head on the attacker’s rope.

Think before you tap

Read all the instructions and rules carefully, and then go for acceptance. Think twice or thrice before enabling the camera, audio, and data to the third party.

Save the credentials in your mind, not in your system

Don’t be lazy. Make sure you remember all the login data by yourself. Never trust the technology and save or scribble here or there.

Change passwords frequently

At least update the passwords monthly to keep the data safe and secure. Don’t let anyone know your login credentials.

Connect only with what is required or essential

Nowadays, the internet is not our bedroom but a public toilet where our data is hacked and used for marketing purposes.

“Humans avoid manual filling,

And craves for auto-filling,

Therefore, hackers are hacking…”.

As technology has developed, it is easy for hackers to hack personal data from our systems even without our permission, and we are paving the way for it. Instead of utilizing their valuable time effectively and using gadgets and the internet, few are crazy and go for unwanted apps and websites like dating apps, loan apps, etc, making our life crucial. Beware of the instructions before going for anything. Allow the opponent or third party to know only what is wanted to be known. Don’t get your data corrupted by others.

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