Know about the Importance of Keyword:

Keyword plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization. It is a role of a SEO Analyst to find the best keyword for the Website. The Word or phrase is qualified as a Keyword only if it has the average month search volume. If a user can’t find the result for a particular search term in Search Engine Result Page then they will just alter the search term (Keyword) to get the result what they want. So, before starting with the optimization work it is important to select the keyword for which the website has to be ranked. And all the Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., works on the user perspective so while choosing keyword SEO Analyst has to clearly understand about the client requirement and should think from the user view to know how user enters the phrase in the search engine to find the specific information or website.Through keyword Search Engine, index our site so it is important to customize the site according to the keyword selected to get indexed in Search Engine .

Types of Keyword:

Short Tail Keyword: It is a word with 1–3 phrases in the search. Ex: Email Writing or stack in data-structure.

Long Tail Keyword: More specific search with 3 words or longer. Ex: How to write the email professionally or Implementation of stack concept in data-structure.

Other factors related to keyword while optimizing the site:

· Keyword Density

· Keyword Promience

· Keyword Proximity

Keyword Density:

Keyword Density is the number of times the keyword appear on the content of the website when compared to the total number of words in the site. The optimal keyword density size is from 1% to 3%.If we overload the keyword in the webpages then it would result in spam and Search Engines may take penalty actions on the website. Keyword Targeting is important at the same time avoid Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword Prominence:

It refers to the place where keyword has to be placed in the webpage. Best places to place the keyword are

· Keyword in <title> tag
· Use Keyword as an anchor text <a href=”">keyword</a>
· Use keyword in URL of the targeted webpage. Ex:
· keyword in meta-description
· keyword in heading tag
· Keyword in the content of webpage(avoid keyword stuffing)
· Keyword in alt tag for Images.

Keyword Proximity:

It defines about the distance between the words in search term. Lesser the distance between individual words in the search term, more relevant results will be produced from search engine view.

Example: If a site has the keyword as “toefl exam preparation” in sentence it would be “How to prepare for the toefl exam” here the proximity between toefl and exam is high because zero words between toefl and exam but the proximity between Preparation and toefl exam is very low these words didn’t appear in the same order as in the keyword.