Link Building Part 2:

Search Engine uses the hyperlink for the fundamental reasons. Links are used to identify the new pages. Once search Engine crawls the site the extract the content of the website and also the links in the site. If a page gets more links from another site then search Engine will indirectly increase the indexation of the page in the search result. Type of link also places a significant role in determining the index of the page.Know the basis of the link.

Types of the link :
Whenever we speak about search engine optimization, we speak about dofollow, nofollow, doindex, noidex, meta robots word which are imperative in the book of SEO. Links are divided into two types based on the properties as


As we know links will influence the index of the page but there also an attribute in the anchor tag which will instruct the search engine bots just to link to the page and not to pass the page rank to the targeted link. As a user we can’t find the difference between dofollow and nofollow links all the links are same from user perspective but if we look at the source code we can find nofollow links.We are indirectly saying the search engine robots not to trust those link.The main reason why the site should add no follow links relate to the idea they don’t have any control over the link or content on the page.

<a href=”#” rel=”nofollow”> Anchor Text </a>

Forum Posting
Blog Commenting
Guest Blogging
Editable Wikipedia pages
Guest Writing

These are few places where any one can add links and most of the time these links would to nofollow links. This is to identify the link spammers from taking away the advantages of PageRank.

Another primary use of nofollow link is in the advertisement. If you get an ad for your site from some other site which is moreover related to your site, then search engine says that those link should be a nofollow link and it should not affect the ranking of your website in the organic indexing.

<a href=”#” rel=”dofollow”>Anchor Text </a>
<a href=”#”> Anchor Text </a>

If we target to improve the indexation of the page through link building then it should links should be of dofollow type. Dofollow links will indirectly influence the page rank of the targeted link. We can use dofollow links in the following instance 
1. Related site depending on the content of our site.
2. High-Quality links like Google blog, a relevant site with good domain authority.

Depending upon the place where the links are given use the corresponding attribute for the link.