Overview on LASIK Eye Surgery

Before Lasik, Refractive surgery is the term which is used most commonly to correct the vision problems like short sight or long sight and which will decrease the dependence on contact lens or glass. Currently, Laser or Lasik is the most commonly used treatment for vision correction. As name tells, we use Laser Beam to correct the vision problems.

If you, consider doing Laser find the best eye hospital near you where they have the best lasik surgeon. The Lasik Surgeon, he /she will perform eye exam to ensure your eye health like thickness of cornea, pupil size, refractive error like short sight or long site, moistness of eyes are also evaluated to reduce risk factor of dry eyes after surgery, as well as other eye conditions to determine whether you are eligible for Laser Surgery or not.

Will Laser Surgery painful?

Prior to laser eye surgery eye drops will be given to reduce responsiveness of eyes throughout the surgery. After returning home it is quiet common to fell sensitive to light, watery eyes and discomfort in eyes for few hours. Take a nap to reduce the discomfort and have no eye pain. After lasik surgery it is advised to give complete rest for eye for almost a week. Immediately after surgery you may experience blurry vision, haziness, however your clarity will improve in the very next morning or after a sleep. Lasik will not be painful and your eye sight will stabilize with in few days to weeks.

In Lasik Surgery a thin flap in cornea is created and removes some tissues underneath and the flap is then laid back covering the tissue removal area. Laser is generally for out patient, and patient don’t want to stay in hospital over night. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes for a eye and laser will be done separate for both the eyes. The surgery will get completed within the time interval of 30 minutes. For short sight people it is too flatten the cornea and for long sight people lasik desire is to stepper the cornea.After surgery typical vision of 20/20 vision is obtained without contact lens or glass and Laser is the most safest procedure in vision correction and it is painless.