Promote Business in Facebook

Why do we create Facebook Ad’s?

As we all know, Facebook is one of the most powerful social medium to reach many people in the world. There are so many peoples in Facebook where if we consider it as nation, it will be the third largest population in the world. So, Just imagine the reach if we generate the Facebook ad’s. And the competition in generating ad’s in Facebook for any business is low when compared to the Google Ad’s. Now a days many people started creating the Google Ad’s,to avoid those competition and to reach many people than Google, just create Facebook ad’s. Facebook will help you reaching many people than Google as Google has been banned in some countries like China etc.,

How to create a Facebook Ad?

Before Creating Facebook Ads, decide on the campaign type,Ad Set and Ad Level.

Campaign(Create Objective): Campaign in Facebook Advertisement is collection of one or more advert set. It allow to select the type of ad like Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Reach, Product Sale, Store Visit,Getting Call etc.,

Ad Set(Find People): Collection of one or more advert or ad’s is Ad Set. It allow to select the audience for whom your ad’s are to be displayed, budget for ad, scheduling, placement. Budget in Facebook is completely for Impressions. Whenever your ad is displayed to your targeted audience it is counted as Impression. And budget in Facebook is for thousand impression. You can set budget for your ad. And you pay only if your ad hits 1,000 impression in FB. You can schedule ad’s in Facebook like Evening, Daytime, Noon or some preferred of your wish.

Ad Level(Get Their Attention): This is a place where you actually create ad’s. Ad’s in Facebook is generally promoted through your Facebook Page, you need to be admin of the page to create ad. Depending upon the campaign type and Single Image, multiple image,video or carousel ad give the necessary information.

Once you are done with all the three stages your ad is ready to display. To get more info click here