Reason Why English is Important

Though English don’t have large number of native speakers, it has the widest reach than any other language.English is the working language for many of the international organization and it is the language of global advertisement. It is one of the most used language in internet.

It was British who spread English around the globe through imperialism. English has now become as a language in Education and Science and its importance can never be vanished.Knowing English will obviously give access over the huge amount of opportunity in the internet world.

Reasons Why English is important

Here are some reasons for why English is important.

  1. Though English is not spoken world wide it is honored as official language in many of the foreign countries.
  2. Number of people who speak in English on regular basics is over 2 billion.Its importance in global market can never be understated in the present situation.
  3. English is dominant business language and it becomes almost as one of the necessity language to speak for people.
  4. More than 50% of information uploaded in internet is in English.So when you know English you can have great access to information.
  5. Many Scientific books, Story books, Movie, Musics were published in English. It serves as a platform to share knowledge beyond the language barrier.
  6. If you are stepping out of your motherland then you should really have good command in English language else you may find difficult in adjusting with the new Environment.

To connect with other people who live in different countries, to connect with their culture and their way of thinking, is tremendously enriching to your life. It will enable you to be more successful because through your language you will be able to access more opportunities and connections.

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