Speak Fluently

As English is one of the global language everybody tries/wants to speak English Fluently especially those who are not native English speakers. And English is becoming as one of the most required language for communication its importance starts from the job interview to many of scientific books(written in English). Many companies expect there candidates to know English language at least at the minimal level.Here we go through some list of things that will help you in improving your English Knowledge and Fluency.

  1. It’s absolutely OK to make mistake. Speak in English Confidentially people can correct your mistakes only if they hear to what mistakes you make.
  2. Practice 4 skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in English.

3. Repeat what you hear from native English Speakers focus on pronunciation, word stressing and rhythm.

4. Use Conversation Exchange Online Learning Websites where you can find match who is eager to learn your native language and exchange your knowledge with each other.

5.Expand your Vocabulary. Whenever you listen to new word in English, make a note of it and try to put those new words when you speak.

6. Think in English. I know this is difficult but it will help you in great extend to improve your English.

7. Find English Speaking Communities near your place and try to spent notable amount of time with them.

8. Listen to English Songs or watch English movies/series where you learn may words by listening to it.

9. When you learn any new words, learn its prefix (in,im,dis) and suffix (ly,ment,ful) and it noun,adjective,adverb.

10. Communicate in English whenever possible.

11. Record your English and listen to it.Identify your errors and correct it.

12. Use correct preposition (for,on,to) and article (A,An,The) and pay attention to this.

13. Read Newspaper to built a passive sentence and read editorial page of newspaper to learn new words.

14. Take a class to speak English Fluently if possible there you may find many peoples like you and that can motivate you to speak English Fluently.

15. Be Patient and stay positive. English is not rocket science it is just a language as your mother tongue and keep on learning one day it will work for you.