Where is my ad?

Just after creating a great new ad, we all would like to know how it is displayed in a search engine. Next thing what peoples will do is find it in on Google. Google provides a tool called “Ad Preview and Diagnosis” to check the ad without ranking to the impression and click.Whenever we create the ad or make changes to the existing ad, it goes to the word review process.

Google Adwords group will review the ad with ad creating policies, once it is reviewed and approved it will be displayed to search engine users depending on what they find in a search engine.Usually, Adwords team approve the created in one working day.

You can also check the approval of the ad in the status tab in your AdWords account.After approval ads are displayed only to the relevant users, the search engine finds the correct person to display ad based on the keyword or search term entered in the search engine.You might still wonder why don’t I see my add or Why don’t my ad displaying the right position?

There are many factors which will decide about when and where will your ad will appear. This is where Ad Preview and Diagnosis comes into play. You can use it to check whether your ad will look for the right keyword or not,.If your ad is not triggered the toll will show you why it is not working out yet. Some reasons will be you have exceeded your daily budget, or schedule your ad in different sessions(noon, evening, day time, etc.,) And next time if you are looking for the answer to the question Where is my ad? Try to find the answer with Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool.

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