The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

I was an iPhone loyalist until I made the switch to Android in December. I think it’ll take a lot from Apple to get me to switch back. I had an iPhone for 3 years before I moved to my current Nexus but in that period, I tried to switch to Android at least twice and failed. Until Marshmallow, Android just felt incomplete and inconsistent. With Marshmallow, Google pretty much nailed it.

You didn’t even mention:

  1. Google’s AI superiority including Google Now, Now on Tap etc.
  2. Great localization — Most of Google’s services work in India whereas many iOS features like “hey Siri, what movies are playing around me?” is not available in India. I can’t ask Siri for Cricket scores either! Apple can’t recognize it as a sport even though a billion people watch it.
  3. Apparently no matter how much I need it, I’m not allowed to have a “toggle cellular data” option in the iOS Control Center because Apple knows better than me what I need!
  4. All the default apps on Android are incredibly awesome! No comments about the default apps on iOS (which apparently, you can’t change). Even in India, I can simply say “Ok Google, call [business name]” and my Android will promptly call the number WITH CALLER ID EVEN THOUGH I DIDN’T SAVE THE NUMBER!
  5. Google Photos. I don’t even need to talk it up. The product promotes itself!
  6. Superior notifications although, iOS 10 has some improvements.
  7. Google Play has a web interface to install apps on your device with one click OTA. I find this to be so much better than being crammed in a small screen using the iOS App Store’s dismal search interface. I can easily explore apps with multiple tabs in my browser and with one click, see it on my device.

I can keep going.