Docker’s New Versioning scheme: Introduced

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Docker recently introduced a new time-based versioning scheme for Docker Engine as well as announced a new Enterprise Edition (EE) version of Docker platform for business-critical deployments.

Docker EE would now be available in three tiers:

  • Basic: Docker platform for certified infrastructure, with support from Docker Inc. and certified Containers and Plugins from Docker Store.
  • Standard: Adds advanced image and container management, LDAP/AD user integration, and role-based access control (Docker Datacenter).
  • Advanced: Adds Docker Security Scanning and continuous vulnerability monitoring.

Docker Engine (available for free) will now be known as Community Edition (CE) version and will be mentioned along with the version name (YY.MM). Say for example, the Docker Engine community edition released this month is versioned as v17.03.0-ce. If any security fixes or bugs are needed in that month’s next release, then the version would be as v17.03.1-ce.

Other than this, Docker CE will be coming in two variants:

  • Edge: Released montly for users who need the latest and greatest features every month. Edge releases only get security and bug-fixes during the month they are current.
  • Stable: Released quarterly for users who want an easier-to-maintain release pace. Quarterly stable releases receive patches for critical bug fixes and security issues for 4 months after initial release.


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