Digital Marketing — “A New Era of Promoting Businesses”

Digital marketing is the platform for online marketing .All businesses are using this as a tool for promoting their products and capture the market in those business sector or industry. SEO, social media advertising and bulk emailing are major digital marketing tools to reach potential customers.

Significantly, people spend time online through different digital devices like la­­­­­­­­ptop/tablets, mobile, watches etc. Innovation has led up to an extent where even wrist watches are getting connected to web using Wireless Fidelity(WIFI) and syncing with mobile data through these people are becoming “netizens

People becoming “netizens” led most of the industry people to use digital(online) marketing as tool for promoting their products and drive into market by connecting public in the right place and at the right time. Companies(Industries) are using Advertising Cookies Capture Methodology (ADCCM) scripting for promoting the customer viewed products on their site and are advertising those products on different websites through advertising space.

Cookies are files sent by a web server to computer’s web browser (Google chrome, Safari etc.) while browsing different product or service websites. ADCCM is a java based scripting where it stores the cookies as text files on hard drives. Web servers’ access those cookies stored in text file whenever visited through different websites having advertising spaces and afterwards display recently viewed products. Cookie information travels back and forth between browser and website when visited by customers.

Some of the major digital marketing tools available are listed below

· Social media Marketing: Dealers/Traders use social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin etc. for promoting their products by capturing profile data like age,ethinicity,choice of interest with users approval

· Google Adwords: Dealers/Traders use Google Ad words service like pay per click (PPC) for showing up customer’s websites on paid searches on top of the google search engine and improve their organic search rate based on keywords bidding

· Content and Email Marketing: Companies use bulk emailing services like mail chimp for promoting products and updating customers about product updates based user subscription on companies subscription list.

Key areas in Future Digital marketing:

· Google accelerated mobile pages(AMP):

This service is specially created by google for companies where they can subscribe to this service and improve their acceleration and landing speed for the pages on mobiles.

· Latent semantic indexing keywords:

Latest method in SEO where keywords are not connected to product or service rather it is semantically linked to search

· Location based marketing:

Product advertisements based on area you are located with capturing your mobile location data.

· Interactive and voice search:

Marketing products by creating innovative interacting mobile based application and also searching products based on speech recognition with neural networks methodology.

Dealers/Traders are using digital marketing as strong driver to enter into the respective market and gain most of the market with their branding using different digital marketing tools and most of E-commerce based websites are using ADCCM as tool for converting viewing customers into buyers of that products.