To See or Not To See: SIGHT vs. VISION

Good Evening Aliens!!! I am your joyful captain that has been away for awhile. I haven’t really been engaging in the blogging much this year because I have been enduring what I would say.. has been some pretty heavy internal things. And as I am still walking some of it out, I’m still trying to figure it out so that I can articulate it. When I try and discuss with those close to me… I feel like I sound like an “Alien”… a “Foreigner”. But today I was inspired. Inspired by a phrase a good friend of mine stated, “Some people have vision and others have sight”. Now, both of these things require one to be able to see, but only one of them means you see that which others cannot. It requires a different type of strategy and movement. It means that sometimes you will be seen as different; as unpredictable; maybe even unstable; a little loopy; overprotective; maybe secretive…*laughs*.. yeah and more. A visionary not only sees it, but they can feel it, they can taste it, they make sacrifices for stuff that people think is outrageous and dumb; all because we believe in something; No… we SEE something!!!

Just recently I have seen a number of my peers making major accomplishments in their lives; making great moves for all to see and I’m at home strumming my guitar secretly working through the demons of my past. I ask the Creator, why am I here like this?? And His reply, “because I got to remove the dross of your past so that you can function on My behalf in the present. Hurting people; Hurt people and Healed People; heal people, so which do you want to be??” So, as I walk through this process, I feel completely misunderstood, because it looks like I’m doing nothing, when really my work is unseen by the ordinary eye. If you are looking with sight you won’t see it, but if you are looking by faith you just may catch a glimpse.

I am sure there are others like me out there; some of you reading this; others not. You are “looking” with your sight for change when we should be envisioning the change while walking out the pain. *sigh*… I know its hard because we want it to happen for us now. My pain is working through my father leaving me at the age of 14. The abandonment; the fear of others leaving; the sudden bursts of anger and irritation; the night terrors; the obsessive compulsion to be perfect; the inability to be anything deeper than shallow… A LOT of layers. These layers take time; they take an investment of time of prayer, fasting and just plain ole fighting the old man; telling him he no longer has the authority to rule over you. To learn how to Selah pause and reflect #JustBreath *inhales*. Now, I have a vision of who I am, before mostly everything was based on what my sight said, but now I am learning to see a different way; I am learning to have VISION. See with sight I can only see through my pain, through my current circumstances. Sight holds you captive to where you are now, while vision pushes you forward to where you are going to and should be!!! *exhales*… Amen! That was a revelation.. I just got that… did you feel that??? *breathes*… See the VISION has always been there; just needed to work some shit out to finally see it. NOW I’M REARING TO GO!!! *breathes*

*********#COMMERCIAL BREAK********

…………..Now I know you all are wondering why all the pausing and breaks to breathe?? Well, one of my close friends Yolanda Webster, is what I call a “Breatheologist” she teaches Guided Meditation. Listen… I wasn’t about that hookie pookie shit until I met her and another friend Maria. They all talking about chakara’s and shit, I’m thinking they talking about Shakira, the spanish singer… *cries laughing*. Well, it changed my life!!! Teaches you how to deal with your life through meditation and breathing. She speaks over you are you lay there; still; breathing. Now don’t look at me crazy… this shit works!! I felt more connected to myself and God than I ever have!… Okay back to the blog… I digress…

The next step in having and receiving your vision is working on trusting the One that gave it to us in the first place. Raise your hand if you have trust issues *raises both hands*. If you didn’t you’re a liar… *laughs*.. I know I do. Trusting the process we are undergoing is preparing us for the place we are going. All of your friends are not going to get it and maybe they aren’t meant to, but we have to keep our eyes focused on the prize for which we have been promised. But TRUSTING…this is my word for the month. I am learning that all even trusting is a process, its a time, its moving towards that place of peace. To trust is to have complete peace in your situation and the One, who has you in it! Amen!

Some will not survive this season of vision. Some will give up due to sight, but I’m going to tell ya… inorder to make it to the other side of living out your VISION… we HAVE to TRUST.. the CREATOR whom gave it to us and the PROCESS HE created to HELP bring it OUT of US!!!


Until Next Time


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