SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates.

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  1. When someone asks you the estimation time to develop an object, on which bases you estimate the time?
  2. There is requirement, which has to done within a given time, but the estimation time is more than the given time.How do you respond in that situation?
  3. Have you ever faced any challenges while developing the objects if yes, what are those objects and how did you achieve them?
  4. Assume there are some reports, which are giving performance issue, such as taking much time to display the output. What performance considerations would you take to improve the performance?
  5. What are the T-codes you have used measure the performances of the programs?
  6. When measuring performance there is a situation that the coding process it is taking say 140% and for the Database processing taking 130%, which one would you take care to reduce the time?
  7. How many people are involved in your project?
  8. Who is going to take care of releasing the TRs in your team?
  9. How do you merge number of transport into one Transport Requests?
  10. How do handle the loop inside a loop? What is parallel cursor programming?
  11. How do you avoid the modify statement inside a loop?
  12. Can we debug update Function Modules? If yes, how do you debug?
  13. If you have given a report to develop what will, you prefer between classes and F.Ms. ? Moreover, Why?
  14. Why do we use a docking container?
  15. Casting in OO ABAP?
  16. How to perform totals and subtotals in ALV reports?
  17. How to display a Logo in ALV grid display?
  18. When you upload a logo, do we have to take care anything while transporting them across the landscape?
  19. Have you ever migrated a script to smart form? What are things we need to take care after migrating?
  20. What are the events available in smart forms?
  21. How do you pass the data from first page to next page in smart forms?
  22. What are the objects, which you have developed in Smart forms?
  23. How to debug a smart form?
  24. How to suppress the dialog box in smart forms?
  25. How to you display smart form in PDF format?
  26. How to convert a smart form to PDF?
  27. How do you send a smart form as an Email?
  28. How do you identify a customer exit for a transaction?
  29. Assume there is customer exit and BADI for a requirement, what will be your choice to fulfil the requirement?
  30. What if there are no customer exits, BADIs, and User exits for a requirement what will be your approach to solve the issue?
  31. What is an enhancement framework?
  32. How to eliminate an input field in standard transaction?
  33. How do you transport TRs from one client to another client?

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Originally published at on August 1, 2016.