Things you should stop giving a F#@k.

Every day the time between we woke up and sleep there are some silly things switches our mood just like that within a second and ruin our day. It’s actually the mind fucking with us. There is nothing big damage going to happen but it kills your positive presence. I believe the following things we frequently face and we should stop giving a F#@k.

  1. When someone talking behind you.

“Smile, act like nothing happened, and move on. it’s called putting shit aside and acting strong” — someone who doesn’t give a f#@k.

Usually when you come to know that there is this person talking shit about you with everyone, your normal reaction would be “Whaaaaat???… Me..??? Wheenn??..How could he/she”

This should not be your reaction, a soft smile could be a perfect reaction. Which actually implies

I know that I didn’t do anything wrong and what kind of person I am, I don’t give a fuck.


2. When someone criticized you for not reaching their expectations.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.” — Dale Carnegie.

When someone criticizes your internal reaction would be like “ What the heck do you know about me you asshole/bitch”

This is totally accepted, but the next second you should be working on your thing and just give a second to cross check yourself that do you really need to change? If you feel yes, keep an eye. If no, please don’t give a fuck about them , you will ran out of your valuable fucks.


3. Someone who didn’t respond to your texts.

“There is secret message in the way a person treats, just listen”

You : hey!!

Other: no response

You: How was your day..




You again: Busy??




You again : Some meme…

Stop aren’t you still getting the message. Okay stop crying and carry forward. Why? Let me give you an example.

I know a person whs isn’t that attractive but has a sexy mind. He said “ I try atleast hundred women in a month , I get to sleep with atleast 4–5 women” it’s just math. The more you try , the more chances that an event can actually happen.

If you are really serious about someone, think about what actually you have got to deserve him/her company and become one. Stop chasing and show how much you adore and be ready for the consequences, that could be anything.

4. Someone who didn’t invite you. (A birthday party, or a wedding etc,.)

“It’s not the feeling that no one cares about you, it’s the feeling that make you think that you are not cared” — Unknown

When something happens like this, you start thinking if you actually did something wrong with them and what caused them to take such decision. Overthinking actually plays a role here.

Okay, fine we can see two options here.

  1. They might have forgotten due to lack of frequent communication between you two
  2. They actually not interested to invite.

If it is 2. You should be like “Uuuuuffff! and a Smile “.

Because You have plenty of things to do and plenty of other things to work on yourself. if you still feel bad better find something that is worth your attention.

5. Annoying posts of your friends on social media.

“Being humble shows how confident you are, bragging only shows how insecure you pretend not to be.” — unknown

Don’t be deceived by those pretty edited faces, overwhelming happy couple in love, hard gathering parties by bunch of people on social media. They are trying to make you jealous, insecure, and showing off how much happy life they are leading. There is a difference in sharing experiences and showing off we should be able find out the difference.

We are all human, we have problems, we experience joy. Let’s not those social media make you feel insecure and unhappy you never know how unhappy or how insecure or how happy behind every ones faces you see on social media.

Peace, love ☺

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