A Python as friend :D

Hello guys…Here my female python Nagini….if u wanna see some photo and video about these beautiful animals,come to visit my new blog www.ilmiopitonereale.it I checked translate and is enough understable….if someone owns pythons and wanna share experiences….plz answer me :)

here with my daugther

And then…my little scary Benjo :D

Why buy a ball python? …

I’ve always loved the snakes … . reasons are many!

First … ..they ​​crawl! They do not fly, do not jump, do not run … but just crawl … and all this makes them much less unpredictable

Also: do not bark (at least noise), not meow (at 6 am, or at dinner … or in the middle), not chirp chirp nor (all the beloved day) … they are silent, beautiful calm in the display case … ..and still it offers unique shows (it’s nice to see a snake while it fulfills a wetsuit, or while feeding … just to mention a few).

eh Joke !!! I love all animals! Mine is not a home … but a real zoo! I own a hamster, two cockatiels, a cat of 13 years and them …… .my two royal pythons, pride of the whole zoo.

But it must be said that snakes are animals mistakenly feared and opposed by most … . even denigrated because of an apple, long, long ago …. But in more recent times, when the plague of 1348 (propagated thanks to rodents and their fleas) literally decimated the population of Europe, we should thank those who, in addition to cats?!?!?

Now … it’s true !! They feed on mouses and rats! Livers, frozen, pre-killed (then deepen) … .spiace them, I swear !! …. some Orthodox animalists definitely distort the mouth to read this while in his kitchen on household kitten stuff themselves with chicken boxes, fish or duck … I even tried to make vegetarian..but not much appreciate spinach … .and which vets I turned I have strongly advised against forced feeding vegetarian (I’m kidding of course)

But let’s talk more specifically of the royal pythons: their livery is absolutely spectacular … .there are morph (skin coloring) gorgeous, although I like the ancestral, traditional ones you might find in nature. brown-black bottom with that magnificent golden color: for me is one of the most beautiful animals ever.

I remember then that the royal pythons are quite innocui..non are poisonous !! .. very meek, hard attack and the bite is painless (or the pain does not exceed that of a bite inflicted by a small dog). Most of the time even bite: Launches the attack (because afraid) but barely touching you. For them you are giants !! They also know that their bite is not absolutely lethal (as opposed to the poisonous snakes) …… with their prey take time to “take steps” (and we talk about mice and rats), and then to convince yourself that they are suitable for them. The inflicted bite the prey is definitely a more vigorous attack on your “big hand”, so quiet

The problem could arise if confuse your “big hand” (or perhaps better to say your “little fingers”) for a prey … but then again, it was, the pain would be minimal anyway. Rather! The risks we would for your pet if you pull her hand away, could suffer wounds to his mouth, which if left untreated could lead to infection … in practice, if not attacking move

It is best to always use cotton gloves ( “suitable” enough … not import gardening gloves as I read somewhere … .not are handling mamba !!) and a pair of pliers to sventolargli the dead rat (with tactics the “dance of the mouse,” which I hope soon to present on these screens).

Chapter time are not very demanding animals … .a time you use the right precautions, does not require much … Cleaning cage Half an hour a week … with steam sterilization become 3 hours total every month … .then there is nutrients: half an hour around a week or every 10 days … .Tanto to give you an example: I was in vacation two weeks, leaving them completely alone (I have not found anyone who would change the grrrrr water): I came back and had a completely empty water bowl …… I did both at once a nice bath, and the next day (better to have them resume a few hours after the empty bowl stress) have happily eaten … these are tough animals the royal pythons, and if properly treated could also last months of starvation and drought. Once a week I like him a bath (typically the fourth day after the meal … with warm-calduccina water, in warm sense but slightly oriented towards the heat than to cold) … ..

With other animals, it is more difficult to say “Hello, see you in two weeks” …… But of course: the royal python is certainly not suitable for an animal who’s a month and one not !! but I doubt find some “suitable”, in this case