LinkedIn was founded on December/ 14 / 2002 and it was launched on may /5th/ 2003,LinkedIn is the most popular professional social media site for professional networking but LinkedIn can also be a place to promote your business.

LinkedIn can provide you with an audience and means to create new sales.You can blog, comment on content, send connection requests, create private messages, and more all from your #LinkedIn dashboard. Altogether, that makes it an incredible marketing opportunity.

In order to get started with marketing your business on LinkedIn, you’ll need to:

  • Understand how LinkedIn works.
  • Create a LinkedIn login, if you’re not already a member.
  • Create a great LinkedIn profile to put your best forward when people come to check you out.
  • Ideally, create a LinkedIn company page for your business. You’ll have the opportunity to do that as you are completing the resume section of your LinkedIn profile, and your company page will be automatically linked from the resume in your profile.

With these LinkedIn basics in place, you can get started on marketing yourself and your business to LinkedIn members

Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can be a great idea. If you have the time, you can learn to do everything yourself. If not, you might consider hiring a specialist or virtual assistant to handle some of the tasks for you. Admittedly, LinkedIn doesn’t work for every type of business, but it can work for most and should be given full consideration if you want your business to succeed and grow.

You may not see results at first, but as you build your network and become more active, you could find that marketing on LinkedIn is a very smart thing to do.

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