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Jul 12 · 2 min read

Hey there! We haven’t seen each other for a while. Right after our ITO we started testing Nagri-HL in several countries and now we are waiting for results. The fields fertilized by our product are growing in Brazil, Italy, and Ukraine now. We will share all the results with you as soon as they will be available to us.

We have other good news. Nagri made an agreement with the Ukrainian Association of Football! The Association agreed to use Nagri products for fertilizing its football fields. Co-founder of the company Andrey Samolyotov has already visited the UAF fields and watched the start of one of the field’s grass application process.

Ukrainian Association of Football is one of the biggest sports organizations in the country with 27 years of experience. It has dozens of large stadiums including Olympic Stadium — the main football field in Ukraine. UAF has held various major events like finals of the League of Champions and UEFA European Football Championships on this prime national field.

The properties of the Association with natural grass will be fertilized by Nagri-HL. Agriculturists will use it to improve the quality of the pitch and offer to players and to the audience the best of football experience.

Moreover, the Ukrainian Association of Football is going to increase the number of fields in order to develop the sport’s culture all over Ukraine. It will build 50 large size stadiums and 2 500 small size fields all over the country.

It provides Nagri with the opportunity to show its efficiency and sign lucrative agreements in the near future.

Despite the fact that we are still waiting for Pecunio fund to fulfill their obligations under our mutual agreement, our company constantly explores new opportunities; performs field tests of Nagri-HL with variety of crops and makes agriculture safer. The Company reached several agreements with some large agroholdings and is ready to go to the next level.


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