Sensational news has come!

Dear community! We have some major announcements to share today!

NagriCoin is now listed with Pecunio VC Fund!

The world of agriculture received a win when NagriTech and Pecunio struck a deal for investment that will list NagriCoin on their prominent VC Fund. The deal agreed on June 19th, delivers $1,000,000 worth of assets for NagriTech.

The partnership places NagriCoin at center stage for greater awareness beyond just crypto circles. It’s now going to be viewed as a major investment opportunity that’s backed by a respected and experienced team that has a track record of success for investors in crypto and traditional banking markets.

Pecunio also understands Initial Coin Offerings well. They ran their own successful ICO which ended on April 2018 raising more than $20 Million. The value Pecunio brings to NagriCoin will be seen now and well into the future also.

There looks to be a major traction happening for this young startup. This is certainly a company on the rise.

NagriCoin announces the partnership with AgroTechFarm!

In unity, there is strength!

Agriculture technology projects should stay together to bring innovations to the world and make it greener. Therefore, we want to announce that NagriCoin starts a partnership with AgroTechFarm ICO!

AgroTechFarm produces automated intelligent devices for growing natural food using blockchain. ATF will provide you fresh organic vegetables, berries, and greens throughout the year, without chemicals and regardless of your climate conditions. ATF is on the mission to supply the world with healthy food. We are going to propagate the ideas of organic food and healthy eating together.

NagriCoin extends the main stage of the token sale

We decided to extend the ITO period until September 1st because of the new partnership agreements. It will help us to attract new investors and also prepare the business even more for market entry.

Thank you again for all that you do.