U.S. government stands against the organic farming

U.S. government gives up on the organic farming. The current administration has decided to deregulate the industry: it has killed off a slate of proposed regulatory changes for raising and manufacturing organic products.

In recent months, shelved proposals have included those covering animal welfare, the manufacture of pet food and beekeeping.

Organic farmers stand for the more strict market rules. Stringent regulations are crucial to maintaining consumer confidence in the organic label. They also help manufacturers command premium prices.

The government calls the rules “job-killing regulations”. Nevertheless, the incentive of U.S. officials might be slightly different.

Over the last five years, the organic food business has grown 10 percent annually, on average, and now accounts for 5.5 percent of food sold in the U.S. Due to the significant growth of the organic market, the huge chemical corporations may be in danger.

U.S. government is a well-known corporation supporter. So it may just want the organic market to slow down. However, the domination of chemicals is really harmful to people’s health and the Earth.

When the government doesn’t work, people have to resist. The easiest way is to support organic business. Investing in organics, you invest in your future and the well-being of the humanity.