Jessica Semaan
Medium Staff

Thank you foryour message,it removed me some metal parts that was still stuck in my Heart,and the foggy eyes that i had after confirm me that i was really on my true path …..reading,feeding on…studying…REAL TRUE FEARLESS AND GENUINE PEOPLE…cause whit your energy,or frequensy that is Bound to your words,i have the hability to release it inside me to fuel my passion to share,express,and write to the world what is REAL,TRUE,FEARLEES AND GENUINE IN MY BEING….because i know and understand that Someone,somewherere will do exactly what is hapening right here,right now in this Little but so powerful story makes whit very small chapter ,..,…

~~~>but never end …..

……and this is what i call:


….and it is really really simple…it’s love at it purest state and we have extend It…weAredivine..

In all the universe..the most powerful forces...always comes from the smallest stars….francois goyer

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