2/ 13, 2004







American cloning scientists went to South Korea after having been challenged by the far- religious right. The science of cloning is the latest chapter of man’s longing to become godlike. Yes, forever the human intellect will pride itself to have the power of unveiling mysteries, self- creating and life promoting throughout the universe. Ultimately, all the universe’s mysteries can be unveiled through the infinite process of evolution, biological be,intellectual or ethical.

The hardcore evolutionists have echoed the belief that the universe is not created out of nothingness, contrary to the -long- sustained traditional religious belief. It all started seriously with Darwin, who has preached that this- ever- evolving universe is the God the monotheistic religions have dreamed of. The generality of such a theory has seduced a few from the religious sector. I can particularly think of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the archeologist Jesuit priest.

In his book Hymn of the Universe, he wrote: “Blessed be you mighty matter, irresistible march of evolution, reality ever newborn, you who, by constantly chattering our mental categories, force us to go ever further and further in our pursuit of the truth.”

Through its long and tedious process of love, the universe unveils God, the prime energy of love, the energy behind all energies. God contains all; and none contains Him at any given time and under any given circumstances. He is the circle that contains and encircles all circles. It is the kind of relationship that binds streams with their river.

Ultimately, evolutionism gave rise and legitimacy to cloning.

Since through cloning we can manufacture organs in our labs, soon trucks (engineered to preserve the organs’ vitality while travelling) will be crowding our national highways, along with those of the May Flowers that transport our furniture and other goods. The business of exporting and importing the human parts will also crowd the national and international skies to meet the expanding urgent need of replacing the parts damaged by the process of wear and tear. Consequently, cloning will have sharper teeth to bite on our religious rituals, if not beliefs. The power of producing human parts will rival, if not will put out of business, the candles industry- since many saints will be losing their jobs as the only and most effective intercessors for the cure of the sick. Worse, it is a serious challenge to the belief that only God can give and take away life. This domino- effect will ultimately shake the faith of many traditional believers. Consequently, the ultra- zealots among them will raise Peter’s sword to cut off the ears and necks of those who will be working in and promoting the cloning industries. I worry not about those lunatic zealots. However, I am interested to know how God would react in face of the fierce rivalry of modern man:

1. Would He feel sorry for Himself for having lost the- long- held title of being the sole Creator and sustainer of life?

2. Would the snake of rivalry creep under His throne to shake His Self -confidence?

3. Would He feel betrayed?

4. Would He strike a new deal with the modern rebel? Or would He forsake him, sending him to disintegrate in the wilderness of confusion?

For a narrow- minded creationist all the foregoing grievances are true spears aiming at God’s heart. Therefore, He will have no other alternative but to send the rebel to the wilderness of confusion. Then and only then the Lord of the Lords can sigh with relief: At last, I do not have to deal with the madness of modern man, who is constantly consumed by his self- absorption; let the fool be drowned in the sea of his false grandeur.

Contrary to the paralyzing panic of the creationists, I see in evolution God’s heartfelt joy and self-satisfaction, self- fulfillment. The universe is not the outcome of a theory; rather of a performance of infinite love that works diligently to alleviate the human sufferings. It is love at its purest and most powerful form. The universe was born out of that creative infinite love of God and the responding finite love of man. It is God who became man, so that may man become godlike. Evolution is nothing less than God’s love in its most creative, binding and engaging power.

“The most telling and profound way of describing the evolution of the universe would undoubtedly be to trace the evolution of love…Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek one another so that the world may come into being,” Teilhard wrote.

In the words of André Gide: “The world is divinely, supernaturally natural.”

How sublime and dynamic is the God of evolution, as opposed to the God of creationism, a theory that presents Him as a stagnant and weary Creator, and eventually deemed to disintegrate along with a fragile and incomplete world He had created in a moment of a depressing boredom. Through our loving deeds we participate in the creation of the -forever- evolving universe. However, through our evil ones we slow down, and even detour its march toward its finality, God. Builders will reach and live in God’s heart, and destroyers will be thrown into the abyss of nothingness. So, let’s cooperate recreating, through love, a harmonious world for all; a creation that ultimately will honor God and rest us in His Sacred heart. To cooperate in creating and preserving the world is the highest honor and moral obligation God has entrusted to man; it is morality at its holiest dynamics and highest stake.


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