I light my candle for you to see, still you continue to stumble. I beg your pardon; my candle’s light wasn’t strong enough to illuminate you. Behold, in the obscure nights, lost in the vast desert, I kneel down to pray before taking any further step; I need the light from heaven- I dream to save my caravan to enrich my tribe.

And when your neighbor’s domicile has burned in the blaze of fire, I hesitate not to take him and his family under my roof. However, I’ll not forget to wake him up at dawn. And both we go to the debris’ site to rebuild his destroyed home; where still live all his memories. In saving his memories, I save those of his descendants; they, too, need to be connected to their past to continue their journey into the future. And when I help connecting man to himself and his heirs; I’m connecting them to God, who although lives in the present, He looks at man’s memories as holy.

I cross the beggars’ paths, I give no money; rather I kneel down to ask for their forgiveness; I was the one who has contributed to their homelessness- through my uncontrolled hunger for possession. Reconciled to them, I accept the responsibility to contribute building their souls devastated by despair. I will offer them whatever needed to lift them up; it is justice made good to them, and consequently to God. When you render justice before man and God, you are saving that dying justice in your own soul. your debts are fully paid, you can sleep in tranquility, a privilege you was deprived of when you was committing injustices towards others.I ask heaven to save men from themselves, greed is a cancer that spreads fast and mercilessly.

You ask me about the rapture, and I answer: I care less about the vain calculations of men, I dream to find the missing link between them. And once they are linked in their- most- noble existence, I worry not about their rapture; they are already in God’s heart. And when they are in His heart, holy are the different paths they take. Some enjoy the dance; others the singing; a third group the watching over the empire on the cold nights; and the fourth prefer the silent prayers; in all God manifests Himself- and that is a force to keep the world going forever. The rapture is the invention of those who have lost hope to connect with Him. And when man develops a taste for goodness, he learns the art of commitment, a gift through which he proves not his worth, as often believed by the populace, but his sense of responsibility to promote God’s kingdom. And when man’s taste are coordinated and pulled toward the eternal, he becomes a fruitful branch in the universal tree called humanity. And when he becomes truly human, he fulfills God’s initial well: On my own image I have created you. In His name, for you I light my candle so you won’t stumble.

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