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The life you lead benefits or harms the whole world, so be extra careful. What you give to the world, to God you give; you’re in a perfect alignment with His will. When your heart opens up to the world, you become a bird that sings to enchant the lives of others, and like the fountains of my father, your goodness will overflow to crunch their thirst. Through your good ethics you embellish not only your face but also that of the universe. I command caution when you march towards others. If you’re not ready to spread warmth, better enjoy your slumber and await God to inject fire into your soul. If you desire the warm memory, forget not to wrap one of your woolen mantels around someone’s cold shoulders. So behaving, you have warmed up your heart and someone else’s heart and shoulders. Just remember shoulders and hearts belong to the same body, the mystical body of the universe. Through the spirit you’re bound; spirit can be visible only through the flesh.

If you can’t save, contribute not to the peril; the ship’s safety is more urgent than your anger. Your anger is a passing wind, and my father’s ship must sail through the tempest of your anger; too many nuptials are awaiting its arrival. May your life be commanded by joy and not anger! If you can’t augment the joys of others, don’t incite their tears; the world needs your wine, not your poison. Be committed to others. If you can’t live in the joy of commitment, you will be living in the sorrow of selfishness. Be not afraid to share.

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