9/ 22, 2002

All the dated writings are excerpts from my non- fiction work:



I choose to ignore the today’s events to reflect upon the poison of the conservative media and the Bush Administration they serve faithfully. Manipulated by wicked politicians, its broadcasters and talk show hosts have been constantly reminding us of the 9/11 heinous crime the Arabs had committed against our country; and thus spreading the fear that more of a similar crime yet to be carried against the innocents. Oh masters of big lies and prophets of small predictions, your daily depressing news make me vomit my entrails. You and your politicians are united by a single goal: to confuse us, and you do a very good job thanks to the naivety of the many of us. From you we seek truth, only to poison our minds with your deceitful language. You might have a point though; the hardened small minds of the populace must be destroyed; truth does not grow on rocks rather in sponges. You keep echoing George W. Bush’s voice constantly reciting the litany of Saddam’s dangerous arsenal of chemical weapons and germ warfare. Well, I have more frightening news for you: It is easier to control weapons of mass destruction than to control lies. Your insanity is spinning out of control to the point you wanted us to believe that Saddam had struck us with the West Nile Virus that has lately plagued our country. Some of your experts have even suggested that he will be using the claws of birds to destroy our civilization, the greatest of all times. I have sad news for those who are kept in darkness: Our civilization is on the verge of being destroyed by your lies, arrogance and manipulations.

Mr. President, I humbly break away from the populace, and refuse to enlist in your army against Saddam, although I despise the monster as much as you do. I shall join your crusade only when you submit to me a convincing proof of his nuclear weapons that are capable of blowing up our valleys and mountains. Sir, I despise your efforts to sell us the notion of a preemptive war as the only way to get rid of the tyrant. Please allow me to get your attention to this simple reality: all tyrants are cowards; they abuse only the weak and fear the strong. If you do agree to this premise, why are you constantly firing at us with your deadly rhetoric? I must accuse you of the same crime; you and Saddam are equal in tyranny. He preys on the powerless; you prey on the meek. We have become a confused nation thanks to your lies.

America, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. You have developed a technology beyond fear and hunger. Having accepted this evidence, allow me to put your finger on the real problem: Darling, you are today a victim of an administration that hungers for power and personal gains. Mr. President, you have already sent our children to the caves of Afghanistan under the cover called: “Operation Enduring Freedom.” And very soon you will be sending hundreds of thousands of them to the swamps of Iraq to save, in your fallacious logic, the civilized world from sinking into the darkness of tyranny. Mr. President, we must ascend to the high mountain of peace. There the Prince of peace will speak to us; and then we will sing and dance around His- forever- burning flames of a true freedom for all. Freedom is divine; it rejects the shades of prejudice; despises the forms of manipulation, and feasts not with the belligerents or hypocrites. I humbly say this: until man becomes as wise as the Serpent of Eden, and as gentle as the dove of peace, God’s greatest gift, freedom, can he not deliver to himself or to others.


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