One can’t measure man’s depth according to the power of the five senses, rather according to the sighs of his heart. And you must judge him in humility; in the shortest breath he carries all the secrets of earth and heavens. You can’t do him full justice if you punish or reward him for an isolated act. In so doing, you are turning him into an amusing ape or to a lizard that crawls on a rough surface. Ultimately, he must become subject of your -ever- wondering spirit. Beware of logicians and psychologists, who through their sterile formulas pretend to understand man; logicians need meta-logic and psychologists need humbleness; and both need to replant themselves in the fertile soil of the exalted soul. Oh formulators of man, dissectors of his soul and creators of his chains, wake up and leave your dark caves; he is bigger than to be contained in your formulas. Greater than you are, and he can liberate you from the heavy loads you carry in your flat minds. You are trying to reduce God’s breath to a speck of dust. Like sorcerers you dance around the ashes. They are amused, amusing but not amazing. Your sciences are futile; fire, not the ashes that create the burning. Man must be approached through a spirit baked in the noon sun. He is a mystery and so he must remain for your hearts and minds. You are seeking to give him logic and character to separate him from animals. You have forgotten that even animals can’t be dissected by the dull knives of your flat minds. They, too, are mysterious; just timid and humble to talk about themselves- by the way, some animals have better character and sounder logic than the majority of humans. You must work harder to acknowledge that your knowledge is limited by the boundaries of the mysterious. Be open and humble; through openness and humbleness the low become sublime- without these two virtues the sublime become low. Oh rodents, you want to tear off all what has texture and color and with the mud- color you want to smear man’ face. You have forgotten that one can render compliments to the sun by giving her the dawn’s color; the color of the bright has the ability to mix with all colors. Although they are noons darker than your wicked hearts and grayer than your dull brains, the hot truths laugh at your tepid little ones. Truth is the source of all warmth and that suffices for its glorification. Its essence surpasses all reflections; reflections are but the faded memory of their sources. If you can’t glorify man in his silence, don’t condemn him in his agitations; through agitations the- over- man is born. And when the- over- man is born, he will give colors to all the discolored and illuminate all the darkened minds- yours included. One can’t exalt the wind by planting fragile roses; nor can one veer its direction to one’s own path; the wind’s laws are different than those that govern the roses. And you can’t climb the mountain exclusively with the power of your muscles, you need to move your feet through its crevices while holding tight unto the cord anchored on its top. The cooperation of your muscles, the mountain façade and your attached cord will land you safely on the top. Once there you can enjoy the sight of your city; but forget not to bow in reverence for the valley where lays the foundation of your city, home, and the mountain. To accept the city is to accept the mountain’s façade and the climber’s robe. And for the ultimate acceptance of your home, you must kneel down to offer warm prayer for God who lives in the mountain’s crevices. And the laws of ascendance can be perilous if you want to fully apply them in descending. You must not scorn the abyss; it holds the weight of the mountain in eternal patience and passion. And you can’t understand man or God; but you have the entire eternity to meditate on them. And those who worship God worship the candles that burn as a symbol of His presence.

Oh Lord, enlarge my soul to accept the logicians and psychologists and all those who deify the power of reason at the expense of the heart’s fervor. Lord, give me enough light so I may see through all the opaque mirrors. Please give me a greater light so I may bless instead of condemning what I don’t understand; hot is the big Truth and small is our mind.


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