Division exists only on the impure hearts, but the pure ones constantly beat to embrace all, the wind included. In God’s world there is no rejection or repulsiveness, He embraces heaven and earth, and around His fingertips He rolls a thousand- and- one universe. The light emanating from the lover’s heart can eclipse all the suns; and the sweeping wind of love rise above all the celestial vaults. . Believe, or you will ally yourself with the angel of death.

Before building temples of stones on every plateau and mountain, may you construct first the temple of silence; only through a holy timidity can one speak to God. The temple’s shaped stones can’t bring the almighty down to the worshipers; only their fervor hastens His descent. And the solidity of the temple can’t perpetuate it. Only through the worshippers’ holiness can the temple endure.

And when communion is born between man and God, then the walls of doubt and fear will fall. Jonathan did disobey his God; and thus missed the opportunity to transform his time into eternity. But God had His way to connect the disconnected. The wind may blow north while expected from the south, east instead of west; still it doesn’t fail to touch all what is in its course. So is God, He is the one that moves all winds and storms to land them in His own heart. And when all rest in His heart, peace will dominate. Wars and strives are born out of the absence of God in man’s heart; and outside of His heart even victories are shameful. Men celebrate their military heroes under the stars, but unfortunately they have forgotten all what is sacred. The defeated among them pinched tents waiting in slumber for their exile to end. The victorious surrendered to debauchery and drunkenness. The first have lost the zest for life, and vain victories have poisoned the others. Through wars both camps have transformed the beautiful planet earth to a large prison that contained them all.

From the mountaintop I surveyed the devastated Holy City. “Where is the friendship between heaven and earth?” I shouted out of despair.

“Cease to revolt, and bow before what you don’t understand,” answered a heavenly voice.

“Why have they forgotten you, and you was good to them all along?” I spoke back to God.

“They have forgotten themselves, how could they remember me?”

And from this answer, I learned: before man undertakes any voyage, first he needs to make that voyage into himself. There he will discover the invisible. And from the mountaintop, I prayed: Lord, save us from ourselves, we’re but charmer tyrants, who destroy the palace to install imaginary thrones on its debris. In destroying the palace we have buried ourselves under the hard debris. Lord, help us to understand that the liberty of others and their well-being are more precious than our vain ambitions.


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