One day a young man approached the prophet and asked to enlighten him about living well. The prophet looked at him with compassion, and thus he spoke to him:

Young man, Ten Commandments I have not; rather one that will liberate you from the ten. And this commandment is: Passion for life! One can’t become drunk on life, meanwhile curses its source. When you phantom about a dream and you can’t reach it, in spite of all the hard work, say unto yourself: that dream is not worthy of me. Seek not drinking from the cup of the commons; many have drunken from it and got poisoned. The best drink is not the one offered to you in a golden chalice; rather the one offered to you from heaven- not to crunch your thirst but to arouse it. The will of heaven is to educate your soul, and not to spoil your flesh. And that education can be achieved as it pours the virtue of passion drop by drop into your heart. Abundant is the limpid water, but at times the shepherd must refuse it to the sheep whose throats are ravaged by cancer. He must cure their cancer before offering the water that testifies to his love for them.

And when you miss the goal, calculate not how many centimeters have been needed to reach it. Rather; send your looks to the horizon; only the horizon can fortifies your vision to see new goals. Verily I said unto you: the obscurity of the horizon is more luminous than the sun-rays that suffocate the flowers. The horizon and the flowers are in a constant communication that glorifies not the mesquin ego of man, but to announce the glory of God, Creator of what is seen and unseen, of the born and the aborted. Mistaken are those who preach the merits of achieving one goal or another; the greatest accomplishment is to give your best, and let all rest in God’s hand; or may you call it the soul of the universe. Why this obsession with this goal or that other? Is life so impoverished and meaningless?!Those who preach you goal achievement are impoverished souls; they lack passion for life; and their laziness will testifies against them the day the towers and citadels of their ancestors will crumble and become evaporating dust.

They have taught you about the attachment to earth; today I am teaching you the detachment from it; only through heartily felt detachment that you become inheritors of earth and heaven. May the joy of life transcend the sadness of death; many accept death before they enjoy life, whose mysteries transcend all the human expectations. It is in the mysterious wombs of life that the most worthy dreams are impregnated. Beautiful is the flower when it absorbs the sun, the water, the air, the mud, and all the gracious elements of life. But when the flower refuses to assimilate them; it dies. Ad when it withers away; it becomes good only to be smashed by the dirty feet of the impoverished. However, the brightness of the sun must not invite you to curse the obscurity of the night; obscurity is the affirmed will of the light. Ultimately the obscurity is the light seeking tranquility in the arms of God, who brings all to the blessed stillness of an- ever- changing existence.

I have known the beauty of life in the peaks of the mountain; but when I have descended to the valley, I have witnessed death strolling carefree in its hospitals and streets; and most abundantly in the laboratories of the researchers. And suddenly a strong shout erupted: Look! Look!” And in every direction the prophet saw cadavers; his people were dying like mosquitoes; the plague of vain ambitions was raging in their hearts and minds. They had wanted all; and all they have lost while searching for the transitory successes; an authentic life rebukes with great laughter at the bright noon.

Before their tragedy the prophet smiled, and then directed his look at the young man and said:

Friend, may your heart be troubled not; our people have died to be reborn in the land that knows not death; rather the –ever-lasting life that overflow like a river seeking to be part of the great ocean.