TYRANNY, gentleness and salvation

Friends, life is a journey towards dignity, and dignity despises all forms of injustice. Don’t listen to the voices of those who preach you the privileges of a class; they are but cowards and desperate slaves themselves.Firstly and lastly we all are humans, and that in itself a solid ground for our equality.

You are cruel and care not about us; you want our starvation; we live by the grace of our masters, shouted the mediocre audience.

And in his strange compassion, the prophet started to whip them.Hands numbed, he sat on a rock, his face coverd with those numbed hands.Moments later,he opened his eyes wide to speak again.And in the fever of his heart he spoke:My whip and my words are born out of genuine love for you all. As spring awaits the passage of winter, so my heart wants to hasten the arrival of your liberation. Hate not my whip, in its scourges lies the birth of your liberation, often oppressed by the many chains your masters put around your hearts and souls. You must break those chains so you may take flight to the divine spheres of an authentic existence. And when the divine penetrates the heart of man, it gives a visage to all what is amorphous in the universe.
To all the powerful of the world,I deliver this message:Give to others what your hearts hold dear,and not that escapes your hands,the cramps.
One day a beggar approached me. His voice beaten by hunger, he mumbled:Give me something to eat, and I will be forever your slave. And in my compassion, I held back what he needed for his survival until he pronounced the magical word: share. Afterwards,I invited him to my table, knowing quite well: giving from the hands sustains only temporarily,but giving from the heart liberates the giver and the receiver. Then I remembered the words of the blessed, my father: Son, before giving anything, may you give respect because you can’t communicate with others through arrogant sense of superiority. And father’s wisdom helped me to transform the table of servitude to a table of friendship.And from your friendship is born your freedom. Because when you liberate a slave , you have transformed him into a companion of your road, and a grateful companion will swallow the bullet to save your life- gratitude liberates and obliges as well. But if he remains in the chains of your arrogance, how could he lend you a helpful hand when you are attacked? Slavery is obscurity, and liberation is light. We must choose between darkness and light. Dangerous is darkness, and light illuminates the travelers’ journey, and consequently guarantees their safety.You may control the fleshes of others, but their souls will always remain evasive till their dignity becomes sacred before the eyes of your heart. And just remember:the flute that delivers enchantment to the heart of the shepherd in the lonely cold nights, can be smashed by the hooves of the angry sheep.And if the flute is broken, the relationship between the sheep and the shepherd is broken too.

Oh those who hunger for power, you must remember that there is a wolf within each one of your subjects. So, fear the curse of the tyranny you deliver to them in the name of the dangerous conviction that you can only serve them through brutality. Your tyranny has caused the sufferings of your subjects, and paved the road to your own destruction. Tyrants don’t save; rather kill their subjects and themselves. The only difference: they slaughter their subjects with visible whips, and themselves with the invisible hummers of their brutality.

At the final hour of the blessed, my father, I heard his most powerful voice: “Son, you need loaded guns to dominate the inhabitants of the forest,but gentleness can create your friendship with them.So, may you work hard to kill the wolf within.After all, if wolves have sharp teeth; angels have sharper swords- just consult with the archangel Michael. �j���

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