BY:N Abdou


Tyrant are ignorant and coward

12/ 13, 2003

“We got him,” shouted the American administrator, Paul Brenner, to the military gathering.

Yes, we must rejoice, they had pulled the butcher of Iraq out of a hole. He is the vicious spider that had weaved a very complex web of problems for his people and the entire world. Thank heaven, finally the divine justice has shown its face; may fire reduce the thug to ashes.

This early morning I saw Saddam, the self-anointed King of the Mesopotamia, looking like the most miserable homeless on the planet. False lion, you have emerged from that hole like a rat. You looked extremely tired, humiliated and dazed out. The wild hair growing in your beard and head gave you the look of a cave dweller, or have you always been one?! You have shamelessly identified yourself as the President of Iraq. The question to you, delusional, is: have you ever been a true leader? What did the word leader mean to you? You had foolishly adopted the policy of killing and humiliating your people; today is your doom. You are finally in the iron cage, a price paid to the liberty you had, for so long, denied to your nation. You have miserably failed to recognize its beautiful face whenever she had presented itself to you. You have always taught that force is yours to inflict upon your people. No, idiot, liberty is a divine cup that a true leader must offer to his people in honor of the ancestors; so may all drink from it together in thanksgiving. Instead, you have turned to the power of the sword, and by the sword you will lose your head. Today your people and the whole world are rejoicing for your capture, except the few tyrants like yourself- the majority of whom are in the Middle East. Indeed, they are lamenting their own inevitable tragic fate; they see themselves in you. You are they; they are you, and to each tyrant there is a doomsday, sooner or later. Yes, no one can escape the divine justice.

Tyrants of the Middle East, your hearts are filled with hatred toward your peoples. You hate them because you hate yourselves. How could the leaves part from the tree and still remain alive?! Today Saddam’s capture must be more than a wake-up call to you all, bastards. It is the last warning voice you must hear, or else you will soon perish. If you do think this is a mere scare tactic, then consult history, that is if you have time; you are always busy flirting with your own self-destruction. Are you true Muslims? I’m sure you claim to be. If so, have you ever heard the Prophet saying: “If God wants to destroy some people, He lets them live in confusion.” However, if you are so stubborn to acknowledge your confusion- because you refuse to hear a voice other than yours- then continue living in your confused world, and certainly you will die wrapped in illusions. Never had you thought the truth, and the truth has always refused to unveil its beautiful face to you. She is so pure; you are too impure.

O you, who long for the absolute power, learn the hard lesson of your predecessors. You must not flirt with the curse of tyranny; rather seek the graceful walk to the divine fountain of freedom with your peoples. Only then and there you can quench your thirst and theirs. Blood never quenches, rather creates new thirst. Forget not that you are extension of your peoples and not their exterminators. You must share your power; or it will exclude you. The beauty of power is in its dynamism. Once rendered static, it explodes; its nature is to expand and not to contract.

Pray that you may govern others with mercy and yourselves with austerity. In so doing, you become energizing force to your people and not paralyzing one. You are powerful by being forceful, and not vice versa. Strength is yours when you lead your people with respect and care. However, if you cannot see the true connection between power and strength, then it is mandatory that you visit history; there lies the destiny of all the rising and falling. To all the tyrants of the world: seek security not in killing your opponents; your greatest security lies in killing the tyrant within yourselves.

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