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3/ 30, 2003

Mr. Bush entered the church holding a fat Holy Bible in one hand, and with the other he took a jealous grip of his wife’s. The pastor of the Methodist church opened his prayer thanking God for a sure victory against the enemy.

Certainly, Mr. President, soon the military victory will be yours; your troops had already killed tens of thousands of the innocent Iraqis; many among them were children, elders and women. I call that a lamented defeat.

I turned another channel on. It was another church, another pastor and another audience. That church was in an isolated town- somewhere in Oklahoma. In this town there is a factory that produces more bombs than any other chemical factory in the world. In fact, it had produced the bombs that have fallen on Germany in World War II; Grenada; Somalia; Afghanistan and now on Iraq. And those darling dragons will blow the same fire on any other countries that might challenge America, militarily or even politically.

The Baptist pastor of the Latter Saints Church, who worked in that factory, began his service with these mortal words: “We must be proud of our town; it produces all the bombs we’re dropping today in Iraq.” He has based his sermon on Solomon’s wisdom: “there is a time for peace and there is a time for war…”

Oh ye agents of destruction, religion is one thing and its interpretation is another. You are nothing but greedy merchants, who price God’s message according to the law of supply and demand.

Pastor, your life could be summarized in these words: fire the bombs and pass the plates. How holy could you be! Well, allow me to ask: wouldn’t you be better off, spiritually speaking, to work in a chocolate or toys factory? Please, do not give me the evasive answer: I’m doing what the Lord has asked me to do. The truth is: you are under the command of the tyrant of all tyrants, the mighty dollar-certainly bombs factories offer a higher pay and more benefits than candy factories.

How pretentious! The Lord is always speaking to you. Is it not your easy way to prey on people and kill God? Well, I do not feel sorry for God; He is mighty able to defend Himself. However, a deep sorrow weighs heavily on my heart for the meek and weak, your followers.

— I also heard the story of the shooting in a church in Michigan. One might wonder: where and who would be the next victim? Certainly not God, although we all have aimed at His heart; we have simply brought damnation upon ourselves.


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