You may get lost, but not in the crowd

I was 17 when I began seriously thinking about my future. I had big dreams: I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I didn’t know what kind of business should I start. I also wanted to travel, learn new skills and try out new hobbies. I also learned in my school a lot of unuseful things and I suffered because of that.

In January 2017 I had an idea that I wanted to found a party series and I told about it to few friends. We made a team very fast and we began to organize our first party.

Six months later in the middle of the Summer I found myself in a nightclub with a crew access card hanging on my neck. So we had made it. This were one of my biggest dreams at that time and I realized I can achieve my goals when I invest money, time and a lot of another sources in them. But suddenly the event wasn’t too successful so we didn’t continued it. Unfortunately my contact with my team also ended up because we thought and worked differently and we didn’t were real friends. So we didn’t hold the contact anymore. I was upset, a lot of people scammed us and I lost my trust in people. But maybe this was where my journey began. I have learned a lot about people and business because of this problems. I saw that I need big changes in my life to achieve what I want. I knew one thing: I won’t follow the crowd.

In September I started the school without friends — one of my best friend moved to an another city with his family — so I was upset again. In the first months I spoke a lot with one of my classmates. He helped me a lot and he taught me a lot about people and about myself. We became friends and he also became my mentor. I began developing myself, I read a lot of books about business, people, psychology, behavior and self development. I learned new skills and I met new people too. I realized I’m on my right way and I felt my progression.
I found myself and my purposes again so I began to work hard for my dreams. The first step was to begin an enterprise. But I realized I need real knowledge what I hadn’t got in my high school.

I saw a lot of videos and other sources at that time about business and self improvement and one in this videos a men talked about Udacity. I began to gather information about this site and I decided to take a course after my final exams. I found the right course for me: the Digital Marketing Nanodegree. I have always had interest about it and I had some experience too.

In the Summer after my summer job I began the course and it gave me a boost. I have got real knowledge, skills and I have learned a lot. I also felt that I’m on my way and I learn something what I can use in the rest of my life.

I was happy and I’m happy now too because I stuck to my plan: I didn’t follow the crowd. I realized that I need to pay attention to my future and I need to put the work in when I want achieve my goals and dreams wich are really big. I don’t want to chase daydreams, I want to live in my dreams every single day and it is maybe possible when I put big efforts into them. Udacity nanodegree is one of the steps what I need to make for a better life.