If you don’t want to expose publicly your provider, you should read this.

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Access logs from my GCS registry

I enjoy every day my Terraform deployments.

Working with companies having hundreds of deployments over multiple cloud providers and managed services occurred challenges to share code, provider, improve skills or to create an internal community.

All those things push me to share about Terraform. Also this is why I wanted to write this paper.

When you start to use or study Terraform, you’re facing these questions

Is it restricted to cloud resources ?
How to manage resources into my own software ?

These questions can be addressed by an already existing provider (like the generic REST provider[1]), but mostly developing a new provider brings you more comfort, validations or tests like attributes validation, environment variables configuration or default values and challenges are how to share this custom provider. …



Cloud rider at SFEIR the day, Akita Inu lover #MyAkitaInuIsNotAWolf

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